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Taiwan, the land of the nationalist Chinese, is one of the countries to visit in this area of the Pacific. It is famous for its heritage and traditions, as well as cuisine and shopping opportunities. This allows tourists to enjoy a round of activities, from visiting temples and historic sites to stepping out at night into the markets and fairs. Street food is also a delight here, with various delicacies to try out.

Despite its size, this small island country in East Asia is a country to reckon with. It has great economic power, which makes it capable of going toe-to-toe with other states when it comes to trade relations. Its diplomatic relations, however, is inversely proportional to its GDP, as China blocks its efforts to make its case in the international stage. It seeks to draw Taiwan back into the fold, but Taiwan has been democratic too long to give up. Such temerity in its resolute independence makes Taiwan a fascinating place to visit.

Where to go

Nature scenery outside of Taipei makes a restful prospect for tourists checking out the region. One of the places to visit is the Chihpen Forest Recreation Area. This charming forest park has a path of giant white-bark fig trees that make it splendid to hike here. What’s more fascinating to see here are the hanging ariel roots that form a complex spiderweb-like design. Hikers might also catch a glimpse here of Formosan macaques or the tiny Reeves' muntjac deer. The Makou Ecological Park, on the other hand, has ancient red and yellow cypress trees that match those from other parks. The oldest tree here is said to be 2,500 years old, making the park a marvel to visit.

The Gold Ecological Park, set above the village in green, quiet hillsides makes a pleasant destination that can make one feel they are back in the 1930s. The restored Japanese-era residential and office buildings here hark one back in time, while the remains of the gold-mining industry is still well preserved. There is also the Crown Prince Chalet here, which was built to house the Japanese royal family during a visit that did not come about. From here, tourists can check out Taroko Gorge, an 18-kilometer marble-walled gorge popular for its walking and hiking opportunities.

For those exploring nearby countries, tourists can head over to Southeast Philippines. There is Albay to check out, where one can find Mt Mayon, an active volcano with the world's most perfect cone. Its ferocity is made evident with the sight of Cagsawa ruins, which are the only remains of the church that was buried with 1,200 people who took refuge here, when the volcano erupted in 1814. After soaking in peace away from the eateries, tourists can venture to Donsol where one can go out to swim with the 'butanding', the local name for whale sharks. The best time to visit here, though, is between February to June, when the weather is nice, making for excellent diving as well.

Kosovo, the newest country in Europe, has a comparatively similar situation with Taiwan. It lies nearly 12 hours away, which can be worth the trip due to the number of interesting attractions. There is the Ethnographic Museum to see, which is house in two well preserved Ottoman houses, which feature a number of artifacts, such as pieces of clothing and weapons among a few. There is also the Bear Sanctuary Pristina to check out, which allow tourists to visit brown bears rescued from cruel captivity.

How to get out

Tourists out to visit different parts of the world from Taiwan can visit various destinations through connecting flights from Taoyuan International Airport. Airlines serving here offer flights to different parts of Asia and some areas in Europe, allowing tourists to plan a detailed itinerary for trips abroad.

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