Cheap Flights to Morocco

Officially named the Kingdom of Morocco, this North African country is located in the region of Maghreb. Morocco is geographically characteristic with wide expansive deserts surrounding rugged mountainous landscape. It is also known as to be one of the three countries that have coastlines of both the Mediterranean and North Atlantic Ocean. 

Morocco is a popular tourist country visited by many who want to enjoy their magnificent coast, rich culture and colorful history. The country is home to several ancient Roman and Islamic sites. It is also popular for its cultural history and heritage. It’s growing popularity for adventure tourism in the Atlas and Rif Mountains have enticed more tourists to visit the country and take part in walking and trekking circuits.

Before you start planning your holiday in Morocco, here are just a few of the most popular cities to visit in Morocco that you can in your travel itinerary:

Rabat – It is the capital city of Morocco and the country’s political center. Rabat is one of the four Imperial Cities of Morocco with the city center having the honor of being listed as a World Heritage site. When in Rabat, make sure to visit the city’s more popular tourist destinations including the Kasbah of the Udayas, Hassan Tower, Chellah, Plage de Rabat and the Rabat Archeological Museum.

Casablanca – Popularly known as just “Casa”, it is the cosmopolitan and economic center of Morocco. Because of its immense popularity, the city can get congested at times but it is still work a stop when you are in Morocco. Don’t miss visiting the magnificent Hassan II Mosque and partake in the city’s bustling nightlife.

Fez – Also known as Fes, it is the third largest city in the country. It was once the capital of Morocco and is home to the world’s oldest university. Some have called the city as the “Mecca of the West” and the “Athens of Africa”. Fez has two old medinas – a typically walled city section with narrow and maze-like streets – the Fes el Bali which is the larger of the two and the Al-Qarawiyyin which is the oldest functioning madrasa – the Arabic word for any type of educational institution – in the world. The Fes el Bali is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered to be the one of the largest car-free urban areas in the world.

Marrakech – One of the Imperial Cities of Morocco with a name that means “Land of God”, Marrakech is the third largest city in Morocco. It is located near the base of the Atlas Mountains and just a few hours from the Sahara Desert. Because of this distinct landscape, it is one of the top destinations in Morocco. When in Marrakech, be sure to visit both the Medina, the historical part of the city and the Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle, the new European modern district of the city.

Traveling to Morocco is relatively easy as there are many flights available from various locations including New York and Dubai to several airports in Morocco including the Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca, Agadir-Al Massira Airport in Agadir, Marrakech-Menara Airport in Marrakech and the Fes-Saïss Airport in Fes.

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