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Christmas Island, officially the Territory of Christmas Island, is an island territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean. It is located 2,600 kilometers northwest of Perth in Australia and 500 kilometers south of Indonesia's capital Jakarta. Instead of cities, there are settlement areas on the northern tip of the island: Flying Fish Cove, Silver City, Poon Sana, and Drumsite. The island was named Christmas after the holiday, as it was discovered on Christmas Day (25 December) in 1643. Majority of the population are Australian citizens of Chinese ancestry. The island consists of a high diversity and high level of endemism of flora and fauna. The park has an area of approximately 135 square kilometers, a large part of which is an Australian nation park.

What to see & do

Christmas Island National Park - The Christmas Island National Park encompasses two thirds of the island. It is home to several endemic plants and animals, and is the only nesting places for the endangered Christmas Island Frigatebird and Abbott's Booby. It is also the site of the annual migration of 100 million Christmas Island red crabs. The national park also includes its surrounding seas, offering plenty of scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. In fact, it is one of the very few places where one can witness Indian and Pacific Ocean fish species swimming side by side.

Dolly Beach - Dolly Beach is an isolated and fairly scenic white sand beach with coral reef and freshwater stream that can only be reached by an hour drive by 4WD and a 45-minute trek on foot downhill. Robber crabs can be spotted on the area above the beach. Dolly beach is also a nesting site for endangered sea turtles, so it’s very common to witness a turtle or two coming from the sea onto the beach to dig holes in the sand and lay their eggs in it. While it is an exciting sight, please do not disturb the turtles or poach the eggs.

Territory Day Park nature trail - There is a walking trail from Territory Day Park to the Tai Jin House, home of Administrator of the Island. You can start off by going on a picnic or making barbecue at Territory Day Park, which also offers wonderful views over Flying Fish Cove. Then take the trail through the island's gorgeous rainforest to explore the small museum in the Tai Jin House, and the historical sites near the area including the navy's restored 1941 gun emplacement and buildings from World War II.

How to get around

Christmas Island has a network of roads and tracks as well as marked walking trails. Travellers can easily download a map of the island and a guide to walks from the official page of the Island. If you wish to rent a car, it would be advisable to get a 4WD as many of the roads are only accessible by those vehicles.

How to get there

The primary air passenger gateway into the island is the Christmas Island Airport. Travellers can book flights with Virgin Australia and depart from either Perth Airport in Perth, Australia, or from Cocos (Keeling) Islands Airport on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, also a territory of Australia.

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