Car hire in Caticlan

Rental companies may charge extra for drivers aged under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before booking.

###Car Hire in Caticlan

This information is correct as of June 2015

Caticlan, which serves as a transit point between the island of Panay and Boracay, can be a fine place to stay before going on your way. Checking out the town and the area can be relaxing, especially if you visit away from the times when Boracay traffic is out of season. Exploring would even be more fun with a rental car, however, as you will have more freedom to move around the place.

###Where to hire a car in Caticlan There are a number of options you can inquire about when looking for car rental services in Caticlan. Researching online and then getting in touch with the operator of your choice will help you start on the arrangements. You can also coordinate with the operator to bring the car to the airport on your arrival or venture to the shop before finalizing the arrangement. This can be the better option, if you prefer to check the condition of the car first. Another arrangement to think about is renting a car with a driver, which can be more convenient, if you prefer to rest while on the road.

Bringing with you an International Driver's Permit or even your local driver's license is necessary. An official translation of your passport in English can also be provided. Other types of identification can also help in making sure of your age and other biometrics before the rental process. After signing up and clarifying the terms, you can go on to choose a suitable car. A four-wheel drive can be the best choice, especially if you will be navigating across rough, unpaved terrain.

###What to expect when hiring a car from Caticlan Traffic can be light in this part of Panay, although the stream of cars thickens every peak season. Tourists going to see Boracay will venture to the streets, coming on buses from Kalibo or even from the planes landing on Caticlan. To avoid this, you can schedule your trip between January and February or even September to November. The crowds trickle to the odd group or so, especially in the third quarter of the year.

Driving on the right side of the road is the norm here, with a speed limit of around 50 kph in suburban areas. The routes can be a bit rough, especially when venturing to the remote municipalities and hamlets. When going to the countryside, be sure to watch out for livestock crossing the road, especially if you go near farming areas. Toll roads and congestion charges here are nonexistent, due to the relatively low volume of cars. Parking is also limited, but you might be able to look for accommodations providing parking spaces in your destinations.

###Getting to your destination When going around, check out the following nearby destinations from Caticlan:

One of Antique's industrial towns, Pandan features a variety of natural beauty. You can check out the area's cold spring, Bugang River, and white beaches along the Pandan bay from Barangay Mag-aba to Barangay Duyong.

To get here, head northeast on Aklan West Road and then continue straight onto Ibajay-Antique Boundary Road/Iloilo-Antique Road. Follow it until you reach the town proper and on to your destination, which can take about 35 minutes to reach in light traffic.

Peppered with caves, mountains, and coral reefs offshore, Libertad makes a pleasing natural destination. Some resorts can be found here, where you can relax and spend some time strolling along the coast.

Head southwest on Aklan West Road and continue onto Pandan-Libertad-Aklan Boundary Road. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit and move forward on the road to Libertad proper. The trip is usually 25 minutes, but it can take longer, as the roads are not in good condition, as of the time of writing.

Roxas City
A transit point just like Caticlan, Roxas City can be lively to behold, especially on Wednesday and Sunday mornings when Mangyan people and other villagers bring their wares to the market. It can be an energetic sight, featuring the commercial spirit of the provinces.

Head northeast on Aklan West Road and continue from here to Aklan E Road and Capiz-Aklan Road to Ivisan. Take the Roxas-Ivisan Bypass Road to Zamora Street in Roxas City. The trip can be finished in more or less two hours and 45 minutes, depending on traffic and driving conditions.

National Car

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