Cheap Flights to Tunisia

For ages, tourists flock Tunisia to indulge in its beautiful beaches and for a long time, contemporary resorts pretty much ruled the mentioned North African country. Things have changed and more people are starting to become more adventurous and are exploring its small villages (where fishermen and their families live) to enjoy its peaceful beaches as well as their bougainvillea-filled streets. In addition to these, a significant number of tourists are also visiting its enchanting Sahara stretch to experience its allure and become acquainted with African traditions and culture.

Because of the mentioned developments, Tunisia has become a prime destination for a sun-sand-and-sea vacation for travelers from all over the world. Of course, Filipinos are included in the list and those who want to try their hand on the said destination can easily do so, but first they need to plan thoroughly and if they need reference with regards to this matter, the information below are great references.

Best time to fly over

Tunisia has a Mediterranean climate and for this reason, summers can very hot, particularly in its Southern region. On the other hand, winters in the Northern region can be unpleasant with temperatures hovering in the low 20’s. Putting these factors into consideration, it can be said that the ideal times to pay a visit is during the spring season or from the months of April to June. During this period, the country’s northern fields filled with blooming fauna and flora.

Attractions to visit

·         Hammamet

The beach town of Hammamet is one of the most accessible vacation places in Tunisia. Just one hour away from the capital city of Tunis, it is a relaxing place that is known for its fine white sands and crystal clear waters. On top of these, it boasts of an unbelievable wealth of marine life.

·         Sahara Desert

The largest desert and one of the harshest environments in the world, the Sahara Desert is unlike any place in the world. With a land area of 3.6 square miles, “The Great Desert” covers large regions of North Africa. It is a shame to visit Tunisia and not get a taste of this famous barren area of land.

·         The Colosseum of El Jem

The ruins of the Colesseum of El Jem is a UNESCO World Heritage site that highlights Tunisia’s rich culture and history. Established in the 3rd century, this massive ancient structure once held 35,000 people during gladiator events. At present, it remains an affirmation of how powerful the Romans were.

Flights from the Philippines

Flights from the Philippines to Tunisia are plenty and for this reason, going there will not be a problem. Passengers can choose from Philippine Airlines, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Tunisair, Korean Air, Qatar Airways, and other reputable airline companies.


Filipino citizens who intend to travel to the country of Tunisia for a vacation should first obtain tourist visas. They need to apply prior to their flight because the mentioned documents are not attainable at the entry points. They also need to present a valid passport, round trip tickets, and proof of sufficient funds. On the other hand, those who’ll be traveling to the country for education or business purposes should obtain the necessary visas for their trip.

For more information, interested parties can visit the Tunisian Consulate at 506 Heritage Building, 1851 A. Vasquez Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines.

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