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Xingyi Wanfenglin Airport, formerly called Xingyi Airport, is an airport that serves the city of Xingyi in Guìzhōu province in China. The airport is approximately located 7km from the city center, and 15km from Wanfenglin National Geopark. Admittedly one of the off-the-beaten places in China, Guìzhōu province doesn’t offer much sights to see, and remains to be one of China’s poorest provinces, despite the government’s efforts of turning it into a southwestern transport hub of the country. As well, the city of Xingyi doesn’t offer much. But the typical karst topography of the city is interesting enough to explore. Underground streams, limestone terrain, and other natural wonders will surely attract you to this remote city. So before you trot off your merry way out of this province, stay for a while. You might never find anywhere else in the world such as this.

The province of Guìzhōu is a mixture of dense forests and torrential waterfalls, mountainous hills, and karst caves. Expect to find a treasure trove of natural geographic wonders instead of man-made towering skyscrapers. One of the attractions in the province is the Huángguǒshù Falls, standing glorious at 77.8 meters tall and 81 meters wide. The cascading falls, which is part of a 450 square kilometer cave, beautifully ends up in the intricately shaped Rhinoceros Pool below. To view the falls at its finest sense, it is best to visit the place during the months between May and October. If you are traveling here, prepare a compulsory fee for a bus ride from the ticket office to the actual park entrance. Be prepared to pay a hefty amount to see the falls; it has been said that the price has doubled for the last few years.

The Maling Valley in Xingyi is also a sight to behold. The 74 square kilometers land boasts of numerous waterfalls, fine beaches, sharp cliffs, ponds, and rocks. The whole zone can actually be divided into four zones, which is convenient for sightseeing. The four zones are Chelang Hot Spring, Five Color Corridor, Sky Stars Art Gallery, and Qingshui River Scenic Spot. A dip in the Chelang Hot Spring, which constantly stays at 38℃-40℃, is a wonderful way to relax. It can be located on the valley in the upper part of the Maling River that passes through the Chelang Buyi ancient village. Meanwhile, the Five Colors Corridor is actually a 20 kilometer stretch from Longyin to Maling Village, with each color representing the village’s natural surroundings. The most essential part of the valley is the Sky Stars Art Gallery, which boasts of nine important scenic spots of waterfalls, cliffs, underground palace, mini parks, and a tour in the painting cliff, all housed within the 1.7 kilometer stretch. Last but not the least, the Qingshi River Scenic Spot, the starting point of the white water surfing of the Maling River Valley is home to a number of waterfalls, limestone formations, and well preserved ecological systems.

The Maling Valley is also near the Two Breasts Peaks, with land area of 40 hectares which looks like a full female breasts from afar, and the Ten Thousand Peaks Scenic Spots, which is made up of thousands of hills and peaks.

How to get around within Xingyi

To reach the Huángguǒshù Falls, you can go to Anshun, the tourist center of the province. From there, buses depart the area every 20 minutes. You can also head straight to the capital of province, which is Guìyáng, with buses departing every 40 minutes starting at 8:00 a.m.

Meanwhile, to reach The Maling Valley, you can opt to ride a public bus from Xingyi that goes straight to Maling River. Or you can take a taxi instead.

How to get there

Xingyi Wanfenglin Airport is being served by China Eastern Airlines, China Express Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and China United Airlines, which flies to destinations such as Shanghai-Pudong, Chongqing, Guiyang, Nanning, Guangzhou, and Beijing-Nanyuan.  

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There's one airport in Xingyi: Xingyi.
Changan Airlines, Colorful Guizhou Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Loong Air, Shandong Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Air China and Hebei Airlines all fly direct to Xingyi.

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