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Equatorial Guinea, officially the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, is a Central African country consisting of an insular and a mainland region, and has an area of 28,000 square kilometers. It is the only African nation with Spanish as its official language, being the former colony of Spanish Guinea. Equatorial Guinea is situated near the equator and the Gulf of Guinea. Its capital is Malabo, and its largest city is Bata. Climate in Equatorial Guinea is described as tropical, with distinct wet and dry seasons.

What to see & do

Equatorial Guinea’s insular region consists of the islands of Bioko in the Gulf of Guinea, and the small volcanic island of Annobon, south of the equator. The capital Malabo is located in Bioko Island. The mainland region is Rio Muni, where the largest city Bata is located, as well as Oyala, Equatorial Guinea’s planned future capital. Aside from Spanish, other languages spoken in Equatorial Guinea include French, English, and Portuguese. French is also of official use and Portuguese is the main language in Annobon Island, while English is only spoken by a few people. When in Equatorial Guinea, the major attractions are its beaches. The country also has varying ecoregions which can be interesting for sightseeing. The mainland Rio Muni is covered by the Atlantic Equatorial coastal forests ecoregion, with the exception of the patches of Central African mangroves on the coasts. Travelers are also advised to bring all their necessities, such as toiletries, when going to Equatorial Guinea, as items here tend to be extremely expensive. The capital Malabo has good places to eat that offers different kinds of cuisine, from European to Asian dishes. A popular Equatorial Guinean dish is smoked beef with black pepper, as well as roast duck with cheese and onion leaf.

How to get around Equatorial Guinea

The country’s Malabo International Airport and Bata Airport offer domestic flights between the cities of Malabo and Bata. The more usual modes of transportation in Equatorial Guinea are buses, taxis, and cars, as well as boats when traveling from the one of the islands to Rio Muni.

How to get there

The main airport of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo International Airport, also known as Saint Isabel Airport. It is located at Punta Europa on the island of Bioko. The capital city of the country, Malabo, is located approximately nine kilometers to the east of the airport. The airport serves as a hub for Ceiba Intercontinental Airlines, Cronos Airlines, and Guinea Ecuatorial Airlines. Other airlines operating here are Africa’s Connection STP, Air Annobon, Air France, Camair-Co, Douniah Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Iberia, Lufthansa, Punto Azul, Royal Air Maroc, and Westair Benin. Destinations served by Malabo International Airport include Sao Tome, Bata, Douala, Paris, Abidjan, Accra, Brazzaville, Cotonou, Libreville, Addis Ababa, Madrid, Frankfurt, Casablanca, and Bangui. The second largest airport is Bata Airport, which is served by Ceiba Intercontinental Airlines, Cronos Airlines, Guinea Ecuatorial Airlines, and Punto Azul, with flights to and from Douala, Libreville, Malabo, and Cotonou. Rio Muni can also be accessed from Gabon via paved (tarmac) roads and from Cameroon via dirt tracks.

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