Cheap Flights to Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands, officially Republic of the Marshall Islands, is an island country near the equator in the Pacific Ocean, slightly west of the International Date Line, and is part of Micronesia. Marshall Islands shares maritime boundaries with the Federated States of Micronesia to the west, Wake Island to the north, Kiribati to the southeast, and Nauru to the south. Majuro is the country’s capital, as well as its most populous atoll. Politically, Marshall Islands is in free association with the United States, as a presidential republic. The United States provides defense, subsidies, and access to social services in the country. Climate in Marshall Islands is hot and humid, with a wet season between May and November.

What to see & do

Consisting of atolls and reefs, scuba diving and snorkeling is one of the ideal tourist activities in Marshall Islands. The country has a Tourist Office in the center of the capital, Majuro, where visitors can know more about the tourist destinations in Marshall Islands, as well as available touring opportunities. Laura, off Majuro, is a prominent island in the group with an excellent example of a tropical island setting. Arno atoll is another place in Marshall Islands that offer a true tropical paradise experience. Arno is also the most accessible atoll in the country, with several accommodation options. When purchasing souvenirs, visit the curios shops around Robert Reimers Hotel that sell local curios made by locals. Marshall Islands is known for their traditional weaving and unique methods of boat construction. Tourists must also be aware that Marshall Islands is a religious and conservative society where nudity is not appreciated; and swimming and snorkeling should be done with as little skin exposed as possible.

How to get around Marshall Islands

The country’s national carrier, Air Marshall Islands, offers domestic flights between the islands, including Airok, Aur, Ebon, Enejit, Jaluit, Jeh, Kaben, Kili, Kwajalein, Majkin, Maloelap, Mejit, Mili, Namdrik, Utirik, and Wotje. Another common mode of transportation within Marshall Islands is by boat or ship. Field trip ships that pick up copra and deliver supplies usually also provide passenger service and travel throughout the islands. Cargo boats from Uliga dock in Majuro go to Arno twice a week. Public transport within Majuro is provided by taxis, which are available on the main road. Buses that leave from Robert Reimers Hotel have a route to Laura.

How to get there

Marshall Islands is served by Marshall Islands International Airport in Majuro, Bucholz Army Airfield in Kwajalein, and other small airports and airstrips. Marshall Islands International Airport, also known as Amata Kabua International Airport, on the south side of Majuro has flights to and from Tarawa, Brisbane, Nauru, Nadi, Guam, Honolulu, Chuuk, Kosrae, and Pohnpei, via Air Marshall Islands, Our Airline, and United Airlines. All visitors to Marshall Islands are required a valid passport; while citizens of the United States and all its territories, Federated States of Micronesia, and Republic of Palau are exempted from the requirements of entry visa. Citizens of the Pacific Islands Forum countries, Canada, European Union countries, Japan, South Korea, Republic of China, and the Philippines will be provided entry visas upon arrival, provided that the length of their visit does not exceed 30 days, and provided that they have a roundtrip or transit ticket, and a passport valid for six months.

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