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Travel news 8 popular tourist attractions in Davao

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8 popular tourist attractions in Davao

If you are looking for an unforgettable vacation, then Davao is perfect for you. It is home to a wealth of picturesque landscapes, a variety of natural attractions and a host of activities to suit any travel agenda. Whether you're an adventure junkie, foodie or animal-lover, there's something for everyone. With so much to offer, it's no wonder millions of tourists and locals alike flock to this renowned destination each year. Skyscanner lists some of the best things to experience here:

1. Philippine Eagle Center

Visiting the home of the monkey-eating eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) is an amazing experience. It’s quite an adrenaline rush getting up close and personal with this rare, huge bird – one that can be found only in the Philippines. But not just this grand eagle, the center is also home to other predators such as serpent eagles, hawks, sea eagles and other species. From Davao City, it takes about an hour to reach the Philippine Eagle Center; you can ride a van near Bankerohan Public Market to Calinan, then ride a motorcycle called habal-habal that goes to the center.

The mighty Philippine Eagle in Davao

2. The parks

Located at the heart of Davao city, People’s Park has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in Davao today. It is essentially a theme park that spans a total land mass of four hectares, and features life-sized structures of the Philippine eagle and the Lumads in Davao city. On top of that, the People’s Park showcases other awe-inspiring attractions, such as the Dancing Fountain, kid’s playground, artificial waterfalls, Promenade, Durian dome and many more.

Prefer something more peaceful and quiet? Visit (and stay at) the Eden Eco Park. Here at this mountain resort, you will find respite from the heat (and bustle of city life), amidst a vast canopy of over 100,000 pine trees. Rest, relax and recharge in lush greenery, as you take your pick from a variety of leisure, nature or romantic experience packages.

The Davao Crocodile Park, as the name implies, is the home of seven hundred cultured Philippines crocodiles. Aside from cultured crocodiles, Davao Crocodile Park is also a haven for a variety of other animals, such as tigers, wild boars, apes, birds and pythons. If you are an animal lover, this renowned tourist spot is a must-visit!

Fun and adventure activities from 3,000 feet above sea level in Eden Nature Park

Photo credit: adaphobic

3. Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a premier tourist attraction in the Philippines, located in the peaceful and quiet islands of Malipano and Samal. This renowned world-class beach resort is the perfect getaway for people who are in search of a heavenly and blissful retreat. In addition to its tranquil atmosphere, the Pearl Farm Beach Resort offers an excellent buffet with lots of delectable and scrumptious dishes.

The scenic and ritzy Pearl Farm Beach resort in Davao

4. Extreme Sports

If you are into adventure and extreme sports, then visit Outland Adventure Camp in Davao City. This top tourist destination is known all over the Philippines for its state-of-the-art zipline. Outland Adventure camp not only has the best zipline in the Philippines, but it has the fastest and longest zipline in the whole Asian region as well. Not enough excitement? Davao offers a variety of wake boarding at Deca Wake Park and water rafting activities too. After all, the Davao River is among the largest in the Philippines, set to give you an adventure you’d never forget!

Still not enough? For an epic, one-of-a-kind adventure in Davao city, go on a buwis-buhay, mind-blowing whitewater rafting adventure in Davao Wildwater Adventure Incorporated. With Davao River’s mighty and wild rivers, this thrilling playground will surely unleash your adventurists and adrenaline junkie.

Get into the groove in the newest action-packed activity in Deca Wake Park

5. The Durians

Your visit in Davao would not be complete without eating or bringing home some durians. Davao is the top producer of Durian in the Philippines – contributing around 80% – and you can find the cheapest durians in the market, so take advantage of it! There are also sweets and desserts made of durians to sample here, from candies, pastels, cakes to ice-creams.

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Davao is known as a Durian capital in the Philippines

6. Explore Samal Island

Adrenaline-pumping sports and gorging on delish durians not your thing? Then, take a ferry to Samal – this island is the perfect spot for a tranquil getaway; one that’s made for beach bums who love to lounge around and not do anything. (This is supposed to be a holiday after all!) So kick back and relax, enjoy the gentle sea breezes, float around in the water, marvel at nature’s sheer beauty, and simply soak in the picturesque sights. Just breathe.

Enjoy the secluded beach in Canibad Cove

7. President Duterter’s residence

Even before Digong won the presidency last year, his humble home at Doña Luisa Subdivision, Matina, Davao has been visited frequently by his numerous loyal supporters. Today, it’s such a popular site that even the tourism office has included the residence among their tour stops.

Photo credit: joshissweptbythewind

8. Museums

You can’t leave Davao without a visit to two of its most beloved museums – the Davao Museum and Museo Dabawenyo. Not only will these museums highlight the city’s history and different tribes, but it houses a plethora of interesting displays, including instruments, art and handicrafts.

Photo credit: markenricosantos

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