COVID-19 (Coronavirus) may impact your travel plans. Wherever you're going, you'll find the latest advice here.

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Coronavirus updates 

Information is constantly changing daily, making it hard to keep up with the most relevant facts to you. 

We strongly recommend reading the advice from WHO (World Health Organization) – a trusted and reliable source of global information and news. Of course, you should also spend some time reading the information and guidelines shared by the DOH (Department of Health)

You may also reach out to DOH’s official hotlines at 8-711-1001 and 8-711-1002. 


While it’s a fast-developing situation, here are 4 must-know pieces of information:

How can I stay safe when traveling?

There are plenty of practical steps you can take. First, make sure to wash your hands regularly with a hand sanitizer or a 70% Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Alternatively, you may do it the traditional way by washing your hands with soap and water for around 20 seconds. Read more.

I want to cancel my travel plans. How do I do this, and can I get a refund?

First of call, call the airline, hotel, or travel agent (either online or local) that you booked with. Not sure which company you used? You’ll see their name on your credit, debit, or bank statement as well as the booking confirmation email that you have received from them. You’ll find more details, including information, on our help page.

My flight has been canceled. How do I get a refund?

Call the airline or online travel agent. With so many travel plans changed, it may take longer than usual to speak to someone who can help but keep trying. If the airline or online travel agent tells you that a refund isn’t available or they’ve stopped trading, it might be worth getting in touch with your credit card company if that’s how you booked. If you have travel insurance, get in touch with your provider as well.

Will my travel insurance cover cancelations?

It all depends on your travel insurance policy. Check the website of your insurer or give them a call to find out more. 

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