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Officially the Republic of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe is a landlocked nation located in Southern Africa. The country has a total land area of 390,757 square kilometers, and is bordered on all sides by the countries of South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique, and is situated between rivers Zambezi and Limpopo. The country's capital and largest city is Harare.

The current location of Zimbabwe was previously the site of many prominent kingdoms and empires, as well as a major route for trade. It was first called as the self-governing colony of South Rhodesia in 1923 under the Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company, while in 1965 the conservative white minority government unilaterally declared independence as Rhodesia. The latter suffered and endured international isolation and a 15-year civil war between the government and black nationalist forces, which culminated in a peace agreement that established the universal enfranchisement of the country and a de jure sovereignty in 1980. A year before, the country was called as Zimbabwe Rhodesia before retaining the Zimbabwe name.

Currently, the country is one of the more culturally diverse nations in Africa, inhabited with roughly 13 million people speaking 16 official languages, with a low Human Development Index and a nominal GDP of 10.978 billion US dollars.

What to see and do

National Heroes Acre - created in 1981, the National Heroes Acre, or simply the Heroes Acre, is a burial ground and a national monument in the capital Harare. It is a site situated on a ridge seven kilometers from Harare towards Norton. It was built to commemorate Patriotic front guerrillas who were killed during the Rhodesian Bush War, and contemporary locals whose dedication and commitment to their country justify their interment at the shrine. What is interesting with the Heroes Acre is that the monument itself is modeled after an AK-47.

Chimanimani Village - known as the gateway to the wildest and most rugged National Park in Zimbabwe, Chimanimani is known as an ideal location for adventurous souls who want to explore the spectacular hiking trails, crystal waterfalls, an untouched eco-system, breathtaking landscapes, and the deepest quartzite caves in Africa. The site itself is divided into 23 wards, and was founded by the brothers Thomas Moodie and Dunbar Moodie in 1892. The area also plays as the host to the local Chimanimani Arts Festival, which is an annual African Music and Arts Festival in the country.

Bridal Veil Falls - a site just a few meters from the Chimanimani Village, the Bridal Veil Falls is an ideal picnic site and a protected site of the National Parks of Zimbabwe. It is a nicely preserved area of evergreen vegetation, amidst a larger area of high-rainfall Brachystegia woodland. Though it doesn't fall within the quartzite zone of the Chimanimani Mountains and does not have any of the endemic species like the other national parks, it still has a variety of interesting plants and a beautiful grove of wild bananas.

How to get around

Buses and minibus-taxis are the main modes of transport in the country. Buses run between the cities are not as bad even by African standards. There are also lines that run and cross to other countries such as South Africa. Minibus-taxis are also available for intra-city transport, and are relatively inexpensive by European standards. They are relatively cheap, but travelers should always be vigilant when riding these. Hitchhiking is also a viable option, although be careful when taking and accepting lifts from others, as hijackings and robberies of hitchhikers are on the rise especially in Harare.

How to get there

The Harare International Airport is the biggest international airport and is considered as the main airport of Zimbabwe. Airlines that travel the destination include Air Namibia, Air Botswana, Air Zimbabwe, British Airways, Airlink, EgyptAir, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, and many others. Other airports, including the Victoria Falls Airport may also be taken when getting out of the particular destination and going to the main city centers.

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