Cheap Flights to Iraq

Globetrotters and vacation goers who long for a one of a kind holiday break that is characterized by amazing outdoor activities should consider Iraq. This Middle Eastern country is home to massive mountains, beautiful lakes, and marvelous historical wonders. In addition to all these, it is filled with kind and hospitable people who welcome tourists in open arms.

Before flying over though, it would be ideal to be armed with essential information such as the best time to fly over, attractions to visit, airline companies that offer flights, and travel requirements. With this straightforward precautionary measure, achieving a worthwhile vacation is easily within reach.

Best time to fly over

The months of October to June are the best months to visit Iraq because the weather is fine during this period and historical holidays such as the Iraqi Independence Day, Baghdad Liberation Day, and Ceasefire Day are held during these months.

It is important to note also that women who wish to visit the mentioned country are advised to bring conservative clothes with them and refrain from wearing short sleeves and skimpy skirts, among others.

Attractions to visit

·         Basra

Thanks to its stunning lagoons and lush gardens, this city is heralded by many as the Venice of the Middle East. Aside from boat tours, tourists can partake in bird watching and historic site tours. With regards to accommodation, it shouldn’t be a cause of concern because there are several hotels and other accommodation facilities in the city.

·         Babylon

Ancient history states that Babylon was the center of the Mesopotamia (the cradle of civilization); founded around 2000 BC, this once coveted city is a present-day attraction for art, literature, and science. It is still guarded by gigantic walls and continues to attract tourists from all over the world.  

·         Euphrates river

Euphrates River is the longest and one of the most historically important rivers in this side of the world—the other being—Tigris. Euphrates is made up of small bodies of water, which include swamps, lakes, and marshes. Those who want to experience the beauty of the mentioned river are encouraged to sign up for a river tour.

Flights from the Philippines

Flights from the Philippines to Iraq are plenty and for this reason, going there will not be a problem. Passengers can choose from Philippine Airlines, Emirates Airline, Turkish Air, Cathay Pacific, and Gulf Air, among other reputable airline companies.


For starters, Filipino travelers who intend to visit the country of Iraq are required to have a valid passport, a visa, and round trip tickets during the preliminary inspection. Those who’ll be traveling to the country for education or business purposes should obtain the necessary visas and other paperwork for their trip.

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