Cheap Flights to Guyana

The third smallest country in South America after Suriname and Uruguay, Guyana may not be a country at all. Its name is derived from Arawak Wayana, which literally translates to “land of many waters.” In addition, the densely forested state is also home to the colonial capital, Georgetown, which is distinctly Caribbean in nature. You could say that Guyana feels like more Amazonian than American with its Amerindian communities and teeming wildlife experiences. Alas, the country has been flagged with political turmoil which can be attributed from the Dutch and British colonial powers, who employed the divide and rule philosophy among the natives, that ultimately resulted to a nation without its national identity. No matter, after gaining its independence in 1966, the country is trying to stand up on its feet and is showing the world the best it could offer: luscious waterfalls and forested state untouched and pretty much unmarred by political issues.

True to its name as the land of many waters, you should not miss the Kaieteur Falls, which is unbelievably five times the height of Niagara Falls. Standing 250 meters high and raging about 30,000 gallons of water per second, Kaieteur Falls in the middle of the jungle might actually take your breath away. If you are brave, or crazy enough, you can actually stand at the top of the Kaieteur Falls and gaze downwards where all the water goes, that creates a misty like fog. Take note that most tour companies run day trips on Sundays only. It can be accessed by a short plane flight from the capital. Next to Kaieteur Falls, you can also visit the Orinduik Falls, which is slightly smaller than Kaieteur but nevertheless as grand as the previous one.

You should also not miss the St. George’s Cathedral in Georgetown. This cathedral is said to be the world’s tallest wooden building, built in 1892 with a native hardwood called greenheart. St. George’s Cathedral is built with both styles of Anglican and Gothic, so be sure to drop by and marvel at this man-made wonder. Another thing not to miss in Georgetown is the distinctive neo-Gothic City Hall. The 75 feet tower built in 1768 is notable in history as the place where wives look out for their husband’s ships coming into the port. Similarly, it is also one of Georgetown’s striking buildings.

In Georgetown, you should also not miss the Stabroek Market, one of the Georgetown’s most prominent landmarks. The market dates back to 1700s although the current structure of cast-iron building, together with a corrugated-iron clock tower was built in 1880.

How to get around within Guyana

To get around Georgetown, you should opt to ride in minibuses. Taxis are also another viable option if you opt to reach your destination faster. Take note that majority of Guyana is separated by large rivers. If you need to cross to the other side, you can opt to ride speedboats, then board a river taxi. You can go the port village and ask for the information on speedboats.

How to get there

You can get into Guyana either by landing in Cheddi Jagan International Airport, originally called Timehri International Airport located approximately 40km south of Georgetown, or the Ogle Aerodrome, a small airfield located approximately closer to Georgetown.

Cheddi Jagan International Airport is being served by airlines such as Amerijet International, Caribbean Airlines, and InselAir Aruba, which flies from destinations such as Santiago, Port of Spain, Toronto, and Aruba. In addition, North American Extra Airways also offers non-stop flights going to and from Guyana and New York, as well as Primaris Airlines, which also flies to Florida. The Ogle Aerodrome on the other hand is primarily used for domestic flights and a few private charter companies.  

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