Cheap Flights to Bulgaria

Tourists and globetrotters who are planning an ultimate European travel experience should include Bulgaria in their travel plans. Situated in Southeast Europe, the said country is known for its captivating natural wonders, magnificent cultural treasures, and splendid culinary treats. On the other hand, before purchasing cheap flight packages and flying over, it would be best to be armed with essential information about the wonderful country of Bulgaria.

The best time to visit

The best time to visit is during the summer (April to May) and spring (June to August) months. This is most true for those who have a knack for scenic and culture-rich trails because during the said periods, the mountain ranges are carpeted with various plant species and are equally perfect for hiking.

Aside from showcasing some of Europe’s finest beaches, Bulgaria’s mountain ranges are must-visit destinations, especially during the aforementioned months. Some of the best places to visit during summer and spring are the Golden Sands and the Kaliakra Nature Reserve.

The Golden Sands is Bulgaria’s second-largest coastal resort that boasts of a 4-kilometer stretch of sandy beach. The Kaliakra Nature Reserve, on the other hand, is the only reserve in Bulgaria that protects the beautiful wetlands at Bolata and Taukliman, home to about rare bird and dolphin species.

Visiting the country other than the abovementioned months is not a good idea because temperatures drastically drop and snow pretty much covers most of the country during winter (December to March). Therefore, its finest attractions won’t be enjoyed if one’s Bulgaria trip falls under the said months.

Flights to Bulgaria

The country of Bulgaria has a total of five airports: Sofia Airport, Burgas Airport, Varna Airport, Plovdiv Airport, and Gorna Oryahovista Airport. But flights from the Philippines are usually received in the Sofia and Varna airports.

Some of the most notable airlines that offer flights from the Philippines to Sofia Airport, Bulgaria are Qatar Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air France, Delta Air Lines, and Etihad Airways. Those that offer flights from the Philippines to Varna Airport Bulgaria are Bulgaria Air, KLM, Qatar Airways, Australian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Philippine Airlines.

Travel requirements

The currency that is used in Bulgaria is the Bulgarian Lev and it would be wise to purchase the right amount before flying over.

Also, Filipino tourists who wish to visit the said country need to be a passport holder and should possess a Short Stay Visa or Type C Visa. To obtain the said visa, they need to present a photocopy of a valid passport with personal information, photocopy of residence permit, proof of sufficient funds, proof of available funds of accommodation, and insurance policy from a European-licensed company, among other things. It would be best to consult with a travel expert for a complete list of requirements.

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