Cheap Flights to Chad

At first glance, Chad may be one of the countries you would like to get out off upon seeing unpaved roads and feeling the burning sensation on your skin. The country also faces troubles of its own, having had difficulty containing its jihadist and political turmoil. Though the situation has eased a bit, essential travel to Chad is the only way to get through the country. But don’t get discouraged yet if you found yourself dragging your feet in this country for a reason. The capital N’Djaména may look broken down, but look within the city’s rough exterior and you will be surprised to find life’s little pleasures worth experiencing, such as the boat rides on Lake Chad, or a stroll in the southern towns. You will also be surprised to find one of the best destinations in the country, such as the Zakouma National Park, is worth seeing, and the deserted landscapes of Ennedi, truly exhilarating. Getting into Chad for a reason is not a lost cause after all.

The 305,000 hectare Zakouma National Park is located 800km the southeast of N’Djaména. Consequently, Zakouma is one of the best places in Central Africa to see herds of wildlife. If you are planning to visit the park, the best time would be the months of March and April, when the animals are out in the wild, congregating around watering holes. A hefty budget is needed to visit the park, since land travel even from Sahr is nonexistent. The easiest way to visit it is to organize a trip through one of N’Djaména’s travel agencies. The trip usually takes about six days roundtrip, because you will be staying overnight in Mongo.

Meanwhile, the Ennedi plateau of the Ennedi desert, despite the evident poverty state, lack of tourist facilities, political unrest, and highway banditry, is also worthy of visit with its interesting sandstone formations. It is also home to one of the most spectacular arches in the world, namely the great Aloba arch, which has a height of nearly 12m. Petroglyphs or rock paintings can also be found in the area, which represents all kinds of animals that inhabited the desert many years ago. In the southern area of the Ennedi lies some gueltas, or desert ponds. The most popular of which is the Guelta d’Archei located near the town of Fada. Interestingly, the endemic Sahara desert crocodiles in the lake feed on fish and waste that was discharged by the camels.

If you found yourself hungry, satiate your hunger by feeding on the lamb, which receives praise among foreign travelers. Food is usually eaten without utensils. So you have to make sure that you have to eat with your right hand, for Muslims in Chad will get offended if they caught you eating with your left hand.

How to get around within Chad

Travel only within the capital of N’Djaména, and don’t stray away from it. Border crossings in Sudan and Libya are not viable. Border crossings with Niger and Cameroon, the towns you will have to pass in order to get to Zakouma National Park, are relatively safe. To ensure your transport within N’Djaména, you have to make advance preparations.

How to get there

N’Djaména International Airport is a hub for Toumaï Air Tchad, the national flag carrier airline of Chad. It flies to a limited number of West and Central African destinations such as Cotonou, Bangui, and Douala. Other airlines such as Air France also fly to the airport coming from Paris, as well as Ethiopian which flies from its hub in Addis Ababa. In addition, Libyan airlines Afriqiyah Airways operates flights going to the airport that connects through Tripoli.  

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