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Officially the Republic of Palau, Palau is located in the western Pacific Ocean and is part of the island group of Micronesia in Oceania. Palau is composed of 250 islands that form the western chain of the Caroline Islands. The most inhabited island in Palau is Koror while the capital, Ngerulmud, is located in the island of Babeldaob. Palau shares maritime borders with the Federated States of Micronesia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Palau enjoys a tropical climate with a temperature that averages around 28 degrees Celsius. The island averages 150 inches of rainfall and is heavy throughout the year most especially between the months of July through October.

Tourists traveling to Palau usually go through the Roman Tmetuchl International Airport (ROR), which operates direct flights to and from Guam, Manila, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo. The airport was known as the Palau International Airport until 2006 when it was renamed to its current name. It is also known as Babelthuap/Koror Airport or Airai Airport. The airport is small and may only have a few facilities. Transportation from the airport to the city may also be challenging so it is best to arrange transport with your hotel before you travel.

When planning a holiday in Palau, here are just a few of the top travel destinations in Palau to add to the itinerary:

Rock Islands – Also known as Chelbacheb, the Rock Islands is a small group of limestone and coral uprises that have surfaced to form islands in the Southern Lagoon of Palau. There are around 250 to 300 islands in the Rock Islands that take up 47 square kilometers. These islands are mostly uninhabited, small and rocky. The Rock Islands is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for its beaches and blue lagoons.

Jellyfish Lake – Located in Eil Malk Island in Palau, the Jellyfish Lake is a marine lake that is part of Rock Islands and where millions of golden jellyfish migrate horizontally across the lake daily. The lake is connected to the ocean through tunnels in the limestone of the ancient Miocene reef.

Belau National Museum – This museum is considered as the oldest museum in Micronesia. The Belau National Museum was founded in 1955 and is located in Ngerbeched Hamlet in Koror. It was once housed in the former Japanese Administration Bureau but has since relocated to a newer building. The museum focuses on the preservation and promotion of the country’s national heritage.

Palau Aquarium – Located in Koror, the Palau Aquarium focuses on educating visitors about Palau’s coral reef ecosystems and has around 17 themed exhibits, each showcasing a different habitat. The aquarium is part of the Pacific International Coral Reef Centre. It is open to the public for a fee, from Monday to Saturday from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. It is best to visit their official website for the most up to date information about admission fees and opening hours.

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