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Officially known as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the country of Bangladesh is located in South Asia. It was once described as a best value travel destination and has been growing in popularity within travellers. The country is home to many tourist attractions that include historical monuments, archaeological sites, wide ranging resorts, beautiful beaches, lush forest and diverse wildlife. Visitors to Bangladesh can also enjoy a wide variety of activities from relaxing activities such as swimming, yachting and river cruising to adventurous activities such as water skiing, hiking and rowing.

When planning a holiday in Bangladesh, there are definitely many sights to see, places to go and activities to do while in the country. Here are just a few of the more popular tourist spots in Bangladesh to add to the itinerary and should not be missed:

Mahasthangarh – A village located in Shibganj thana of Bogra district, the Mahasthangarh is considered to be one of the earliest urban archaeological sites discovered in Bangladesh. It is the site of an ancient city called Pundranagara or Paundravardhanapura. It is also the site of the mazhar or holy tomb of Shah Sultan Balkhi Mahisawar – a holy person devoted to Islam or dervish of royal lineage. The tomb was built at the site of a Hindi temple in Mahasthangarh.

Paharpur – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Paharpur is home to the Somapur Vihara, which is considered to be the most fascinating historical site in Bangladesh. The Somapur Vihara is the biggest Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas and well known for its unique architecture. The style was so influential in the ancient era that many Buddhist sites from as far reaching as Cambodia has adapted the Somapur Vihara design.

Bagerhat – Described as a mosque city, the Bagerhat is a complex filled with numerous ancient Islamic structures ranging from mosques to monuments. Travellers to Bagerhat should not miss the Shait Gumbad Mosque. The mosque’s structure is considered to be significant in the culture of Bangladesh and visitors will be awed by its many domes and columns, which is said to be quite absorbing to view.

Bhawal National Park – Visitors to this park will enjoy hiking through the bio-diverse environment. One of the most common plants that can be found within the park is the small coppice plant, which coexists with several animal species such as black panthers, peacocks and the Sambar deer.

Subdarbans Park – Considered to be one of the largest mangrove forest belts in the world, the Subdarbans Park is also home to the Royal Bengal tiger. Visitors to the park can come across this regal predator as it swims in one of the streams that flow through the park. However, visitors are advised to watch out for these tigers and to remain within a safe distance. The Royal Bengal tigers can be fierce when catching sight or smell of prey.

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