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9 amazing sandbars in the Philippines

A sandbar is a rather pretty deposit of tiny pebbles and sand that have been built up by coastal currents, and are usually located a few hundred feet from the beach or shoreline. The best part about the Philippines? There's no shortage of these breathtakingly panoramic sandbars! Featuring more than 7,000 islands surrounded by clear blue waters, the Philippines is home to a plethora of pristine and secluded sandbars. Skyscanner presents the very best of these top sandbars:

1. Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

Aptly named “The Paradise Island”, the Kalanggaman Island is truly a serene paradise with clear waters, powdery white sands and cool breezes. Located off the shore of Palompon’s municipality, the Kalanggaman Island is a hidden gem that is fast becoming a major tourist attraction in the Leyte province. The nearest airport to this stunning beauty is Tacloban.

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Photo credit: alaskaboi

2. Manjuyod White Sand Bar, Negros Oriental

The Manjuyod White Sand Bar, also referred to as Sumapao Shoal, is a certified tourist hot-spot with a lot of potential to get even more popular with time! Not surprising, given it’s an idyllic island with soft, powdery, majestic white sand that spans more than six kilometers! When the tide subsides, the Manjuyod White Sand Bar transforms into a beautiful white gem that surfaces from the seafloor. No wonder they call it "the Maldives of the Philippines". Book your flight to Dumaguete to experience this for yourself before it gets too popular!

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3. Higatangan Island, Biliran

Perched off the coast of the Biliran province, the Higatangan Island is a wondrous attraction best known for its shifting sandbar. Depending on the wind direction and water current, the island’s breathtaking sandbar would extend up to more than 180 meters to the sea. This makes every experience there unique and special! Besides its shifting sandbar, the island also showcases a myriad of breathtaking rock formations and exotic shells.

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The scenic sandbar of Higatangan Island, Biliran

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4. White Island, Camiguin

Known as one of Camiguin’s best and most popular tourist attractions, the White island is a secluded virgin sandbar comprised mainly of pebbles and stunning white sands. Surrounded by turquoise clear waters, White Island has a lovely horseshoe shape that changes from time to time with tides constantly reshaping and resizing it.

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The tropical grandeur of White Island will leave you in awe

Photo credit: Flickr/Camiguin Island/Allan Donque/CC-BY

5. Sumilon Island Sandbar, Cebu

Sumilon Island’s fascinating sandbar is by far one of the major tourist draws of the Oslob Municipality in the province of Cebu. Aside from its crystal clear waters and glittering white sands, this sandbar is also famous for its shifting locations and varying shapes.

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The shifting sands of the Sumilon Island sandbar

Photo credit: Flickr/Sumilon/Pinoy Travel Freaku/CC-BY

6. Manlawi Island

With its stunning scenery, it’s no surprise that many travelers and tourists consider Manlawi Island to be one of the most gorgeous sandbars in the whole Philippine archipelago. During low tide, lucky island visitors will get to soak in the scenic sights of a vast rippling powdery sand stretch that’s surrounded by clear blue and green waters.

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Photo credit: mariaantonette.v

7. Snake Island, El Nido

Snake Island, also known as Vigan Island, is a fine and natural S-shaped sandbar. It is only visible during low tide and when the water is crystal clear. Located in El Nido, Palawan, it remains an emerging attraction in the area. Head over to El Nido to get to this gem of a unique sandbar!

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The stunning Snake Island in Palawan

8. Bulubadiangan Island, Iloilo

Thanks to its long and winding spectacular white sand bar, Bulubadiagan Island has now become a favorite beach destination in Concepcion, Iloilo. When the island’s water recedes, this stunning sandbar emerges and extends for as far as your eyes can see, as if it grazes the next island.

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Bolobadiangan Island

9. Isola di Francesco, Bohol

Dubbed as the hidden oasis of Bohol, Isola di Francesco (formerly known as Virgin Island) is a sandbar best known for its powdery white sands and crystal clear waters. Like the other sandbars in the Philippine archipelago, it is secluded and has no inhabitants, especially so because it sinks during high tide. But not just the beautiful sandbar itself, the majestic Isola di Francesco is teeming with vibrant and colorful marine life too!

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The majestic Isola di Francesco in Bohol

Photo credit: Flickr/Isola di Francesco/Two2Trave/CC-BY

As an archipelago and a tropical country, the Philippines is blessed with a wealth of beautiful and pristine sandbars. From Luzon to Mindanao, tourists can enjoy a large selection of sandbars in this beautiful tropical country. While the country’s sandbars are not as popular its world-class beaches, they are increasingly becoming more popular as tourist draws within the Philippines. Found a dream sandbar from this list? Don’t wait any longer, start searching on Skyscanner for cheap flights and get the best promo deals!

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