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11 exciting things to Do in Cagayan de Oro

Looking for somewhere different to go to within the archipelago? Why not travel down south of the Philippines and stop by Cagayan de Oro? Fondly labeled as the “City of Friendship”, CDO is not just a hub full of friendly people, but it also a flourishing destination with a plethora of thrills to satisfy your adventure cravings and itchy feet. Highly urbanized yet pretty laid-back, the city will sweep you away with its breath-snatching panoramas and incredible bargains for a variety of products. Not to mention, it has a booming culinary scene, filled with delectable dishes and sweet goodies! ## For an unforgettable trip, Skyscanner suggests that you experience two if not all of these great things to do in Cagayan de Oro.

1. White water rafting

Yearning for an extra dose of adventure? We highly recommend you try this activity if you’re in for a thrilling adventure. The whirlpools and waves of the Cagayan de Oro river will guarantee you a wild river ride that will challenge your rafting skills. Definitely an experience you’ll never forget! Choose from beginner to extreme courses to suit you just right, enjoy the spectacular greens and sceneries about and dare to reach the finish!

A brave barkada facing the mighty waters of Cagayan River

2. Night shopping

Two words to describe this type of shopping in CDO – it’s cheap! Tourists looking for either food or shopping delights flock to the Divisoria Night Market at Plaza Divisoria, a 15-minute walk away from the Budgetel Inn in the city. This plaza in the downtown area is just a typical city park but transforms into a night market every Friday and Saturday night, open from 6pm up to 3am.

3. River Tubing or Kayaking

Both will provide you excitement and wonder—pick your type of action! Brave the Cagayan river rapids on your own kayak or try something different and ride round tubes instead of rafts! No worries because they will provide you lessons first before you actually try it. Kayaking at the Cagayan River serves a minimum of 3 people while tubing is for a minimum of 5.

4. Cagayan de Oro City Tour

When in CDO, take this signature this tour that will showcase some of the most beautiful places places of the city. As you take this tour, you’ll get to visit Wooden Sta. Cruz, Gaston Park, Divisoria/Golden Friendship Park, Makahambus Cave and Hill, Cagayan Capitol College Museum, Ysalina Bridge, Divine Mercy Statue, Gardens of Malasag Eco- tourism village and the City Executive House.

A sweet view of the Divisoria/Golden Friendship Park

Photo credit: Flickr/golden friendship park/Constantine Agustin/CC-BY

5. Macahambus Adventure Park , Cave and Gorge

Only a few minutes away from the airport is Macahambus Adventure Park with its fascinating Cave and Gorge. If you’re into extreme trips, then you ought to drop by. Try the canopy walk of the hanging bridge which is 120 feet high while looking at the century old trees. Likewise, you may rapel the zip line, or try the “Slide for life” for an added thrill.

Photo credit: iamdjcurse

6. Camiguin Island Day Tour

Another sure fun activity especially for the first timers or tourist visiting here is going on a tour around the breathtaking Camiguin Island. With this day tour, you’ll have a chance to visit to a ton of photogenic places, including the infamous White Island, Sto. Niño Cold Springs, Ardent Hot springs, Katibawassan Falls, the Taguines Lagoon, the 16th century Old Catarman Church Ruins, the Sunken Cemetery and the walkway to the old volcano. Trust us, it’s a trip that will help you understand why Camiguin and CDO in general considered among the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.

The majestic White Island in Camiguin

7. Soak up the views in High Ridge

No list of the best things to do in Cagayan de Oro is complete without a visit to High Ridge. As you visit this wondrous park, you’ll get to feel the serenity and fresh air as well as enjoy an unmatched view of the city of Cagayan de Oro. As an added bonus, it also has a variety of treats to appease your taste buds and gastronomic cravings.

Photo credit: leejames365

8. Check out Hugo Sky Lounge

Speaking of outstanding panoramas, you might also want to check out Sky Lounge in Indahag, CDO. Like High Ridge, Hugo Sky Lounge is located in the uplands of Cagayan de Oro, allowing you to take in the spectacular overlooking view of the town. Visit the city at night, so you can see the bright city lights mimicking the sparkling stars at night. Also, don’t forget to sip your favorite cocktail, while enjoying the serenades of a live band at Hugo Sky Lounge.

9. Take a side trip to Bukidnon’s Del Monte Pineapple Farm

From CDO, take a 30-ish-minute van ride to Camp Philips, and drop by Del Monte Pineapple Farm. With vast fields covered wondrously in pineapples, you’ll definitely have a ton of Instagram-worthy snaps during your visit to this part of Bukidnon. Plus, the place is full of eye-catching American-style houses that were built by the previous owners of the company.

_Photo credit: bradfrost

10. Savor the culinary delights of Cagayan de Oro

Although not known as a food destination, CDO brims with treats that will tickle your taste buds, such as sinuglaw, jamon de Cagayan, pastel and roasted cashew nuts.

_Photo credit: vjandeppastel

11. Paragliding

Experience the ultimate aerial adventure in Cagayan de Oro with a paragliding trip in Sierra del Oro CDO. For less than PHP 3,000, you’ll get to experience this adrenaline-pumping voyage that will give you a bird’s eye view of the city and Macajalar bay. And, after your paragliding escape, reward yourself with a sumptuous snack or meal at its restaurant.

Photo credit: abiyu.ramos

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