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###Car Hire in Davao City

This information is correct as of June 2015

Davao – a mix between the flashy urban environment and the sprawling countryside – is a delight to explore. Its busy streets are reminiscent of a metropolis in the making, while the mountains, beaches, and nature sights are only a bit of a distance away. You will also find here an interesting cultural mix, from the Muslim, Christian, tribal, and even Chinese and Japanese influences. Expatriates from India and South Korea can also be found here, which add another feather in Davao's proverbial cap – that of being a multicultural city.

###Where to hire a car in Davao City Other than the airport, there are a number of car rental agencies available in different parts of Davao. Avis and Europcar are two of the biggest providers here, allowing you the choice of transacting with companies with a reliable reputation. Many other local operators are trustworthy enough as well, with whom you can inquire about your ground transport concerns. Be sure to clarify their terms and conditions, though, so you can decide properly about your transport options.

Prebooking with the rental provider of your choice will also allow you to minimize possible difficulties when renting on the go. Coordinating with them to bring your rental car to the airport or picking it up yourself are two options to take into account. You might choose to pick it up yourself, though, so you can take note of possible dents, scratches, or any damages.

###What to expect when hiring a car from Davao City Due to the traffic conditions, it can be difficult to get around the city with a car. It is useful, though, if you want to check out the sights of the city and its surrounding area. It is best to avoid the rush hours between 7 am to 10 am and then between 5 pm to 8 pm. This way, traffic will be relatively thinner, which makes it easier for you to check out the landmarks in your itinerary.

Trams are not yet on the works on the city, but there are plans to construct one soon to ease the congestion along the roads and provide more options for commuters. Cyclists are sometimes spotted along the roads, which make it necessary that you maintain appropriate speed and distance. Remember that you should keep to the right side of the road, as this is the driving orientation here. Upon arriving here, you can park your car at a hotel that provides parking space or turn to the malls. It can be costlier to take the second option, but it can be useful if you are staying in the mall for only two hours or so.

###Getting to your destination There are a number of cities to check out when heading out to the surrounding area. Some of them are:

Kidapawan City
On the foot of Mount Apo is the city of Kidapawan, which offers adventure seekers a selection of trekking destinations and other natural wonders. You can also go to Lake Agco or venture to the waterfalls in the area.

Drive from Davao-Arakan Valley Road to Arakan and then take Paco-Roxas-Arakan Road. Venture to Paco-Kidapawan-President Roxas-Arakan Valley Road to Lapu-Lapu Street in Kidapawan City. Turn right to Lapu-Lapu Street and then drive to your destination. The trip can be made in nearly two hours, depending on the traffic conditions.

Digos City
Famous tourist destinations may lie in Davao City, but many other attractions can also be found in Digos City. There are various places to check out here, such as the Passig Islet, which used to be the base of the Philippine Coast Guard, as well as Kublai Art Garden, the brainchild of Mindanaoan artist Kublai Millann, which depicts the lives of the people of Mindanao.

Head southeast on Davao-Bukidnon Road and Dologon-Busco-Quezon Road, before turning to the Pan-Philippine Highway towards De Lara Street. Continue on San Francisco Street to take Libby Road to McArthur Highway/Pan-Philippine Highway/AH26 in Toril. You can then follow AH26 to Davao-Cotabato Road in Digos City. The whole trip can be done in an hour and 25 minutes, but can take longer in heavy traffic.

Tagum City
From a rustic town to a progressive metropolis in the province of Davao del Norte, Tagum City grew in popularity with its colorful festivals and multicultural events, and man-made tourist spots. There are 15 annual celebrations here, making it the 'City of Festivals'.

Take Calinan-Paquibato Road and Pan-Philippine Highway/AH26 to Quirante I in Tagum Cuty and then make a sharp right onto Quirante I to reach the city center. This trip can be done in about an hour and 30 minutes, which can be worth the effort when going around the place.

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