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###Car Hire in Tagbilaran

This information is correct as of June 2015

Serving as the point of entry to Bohol, the city of Tagbilaran makes a somewhat chaotic but charming introduction to the island. You will find here various interesting landmarks such as the Blood Compact Monument, which harks back to the influence of Spain in the region. You can also look out to the Chocolate Hills from here, which can be breathtaking to view, especially in its lush glory after the rains. Going around here with a car can be convenient, especially when going to the remote areas in the island.

###Where to hire a car in Tagbilaran Exploring Tagbilaran by car is possible due to the availability of several car rental companies in the city. All of them are local operators, which can research more about online. Inquire with them about their rates and packages, so you can weigh in your options. You might also consider hiring a driver with the car, which can be a convenient arrangement, if you would like a companion to converse with or have someone at the wheel while you rest on the way to your destination.

When hiring a car in Tagbilaran, it is better if you have the necessary documents. Your driver's license, as well as an International Driver's Permit, can prove handy with identification cards ready to back up the information indicated in your licenses. After finalizing the transaction, you can then look at the selection offered. It would be better to rent a four-wheel drive, as this can cope more with the terrain than a sedan.

###What to expect when hiring a car from Tagbilaran Tagbilaran is relatively easy to around in, but traffic can get bad here sometimes. Traffic jams are occasional, if not rare here, compared to the bigger cities, which makes it convenient to visit. Driving on the right side of the road is the norm here, with speed limits of around 50 kph on suburban areas. You can go faster in the countryside, but it is advisable to maintain average speed, as the roads can be in bad condition in some parts while livestock are apt to stand on the street or cross the road to the other side. Tolls and congestion charges are unheard of in Bohol, while parking can be difficult to manage in many areas. To get around this, you will need to coordinate with your accommodations about finding a safe parking space for your car.

###Getting to your destination There are various places to check out here from Tagbilaran. Some of them are:

Some 40 kilometers away to the northeast of Tagbilaran is Bilar, which is best known for its man-made mahogany forest, a dark area of thickly reforested land. It also has within its borders the Raja Sikatuna National Park, a 9,000-hectare nature reserve that offers great tours for trekking and viewing limestone formations.

To get here, you will need to head east on Pacifico Castillo Street towards H. Zamora Street. Make a slight left onto Tagbilaran City-Corella-Sikatuna-Loboc Road and turn left onto Loay Interior Road. Continue on from here, but be careful as the way to Bilar proper has many hairpin bends, as you are ascending to the higher part of the island. The trip can take about 45 minutes to Bilar.

About 36 kilometers east of Tagbilaran, Sevilla features the famous bamboo hanging bridge that can be found crossing the Sipatan River. The walk can be thrilling, especially as you feel the bridge moving at every step, especially if there are many people making their way on it. Several other bridges like it can be found in Sevilla, which are a nice change for concrete or wooden bridges.

When going here, head east on Pacifico Castillo Street towards H. Zamora Street and make a slight left onto Tagbilaran City-Corella-Sikatuna-Loboc Road. Turn left onto Loay Interior Road and continue from here to Loboc-Sevilla Road. The drive can take only 35 minutes, but can become longer, if there are bad traffic conditions.

An inland town around 24 kilometers east of Tagbilaran, Loboc was said to be founded by Fr. Juan de Torres. This makes it one of the oldest towns in Bohol. One of the landmarks here is the Saint Peter the Apostle Parish with a small museum in its large three-level convent and a bell tower. You can also venture to eat at any of the floating restaurants or listen to the internationally renowned Loboc Children Choir or visit the Tarsier Conservation Area.

Head east on Pacifico Castillo Street towards H. Zamora Street and then make a slight left onto Tagbilaran City-Corella-Sikatuna-Loboc Road. Turn right onto Loay Interior Road before turning left and right to reach Loboc proper. The whole trip can last about 25 minutes, given its relative proximity to Tagbilaran.

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