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Top 10 things to do in Hainan

Dreaming of visiting China, but don’t have a Chinese travel visa? Skyscanner has some positive news for you and other certified Pinoy travel junkies! Starting May 1, 2018, Philippine passport holders can enter Hainan, and explore the island for 30 days, visa-free. Thanks to this exciting development, Pinoys now have more options and alternatives to other visa-free destinations in the Orient, such as Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. Moreover, it’s a chance for you to dive into one of China’s upcoming and thriving destinations.

Wondering what to do in Hainan? Although it’s China’s smallest province, there are quite a lot of fascinating things to do in Hainan, besides savoring the famed Hainanese Chicken Rice. Skyscanner Philippines highlights the best spots and attractions in Hainan.

1. Wander around Haikou

A great way to kick off a trip to Hainan is to explore the province’s capital – Haikou. With its laid-back atmosphere, friendly people and excellent location, it’s, hands down, a great base and the best place to find your bearings in Hainan. As an added plus, it offers a few spots that are worth dropping by, including the Wugong Temple, Tomb of Hairui, Holiday Beach, MOCA, and Dongjiao Coconut Plantation.

And don’t forget to check out the Qilou Old Street. Besides featuring an eclectic range of shops, it also has perfectly preserved buildings, exuding an authentic atmosphere. 

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2. Be mesmerized by Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Park’s icon

For memorable adventure in Hainan, head to the impressive and trendy Nanshan Temple Park. Located around 30 kilometers away from Sanya, the park is best experienced as a day trip. Not only is the park extremely spacious (40,000 square meters of land area), but it’s also loaded with eye-catching sights and temples. A must-see here is the towering Guan Yin Buddha. Standing proudly at 354 feet, this statue will leave any Juan speechless and in awe. Currently, it’s listed as the 14th tallest statue in the world, and is, in fact, taller than New York’s world renowned Statue of Liberty.

After gazing at the stunning and immense statue, spend some time exploring the park. In just one day, you can see and experience a ton of things in this sprawling park, like temple hopping and enjoying a meal at a vegetarian restaurant.

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3. Unwind at Yalong Bay, Sanya

Need a relaxing break from the frenzy of your city grind? Then, make sure to include a pit stop to Yalong Bay to your list of things to do in Hainan! Praised for its mesmerizing scenery, Yalong Bay will appease your wanderlust, with its kaleidoscopic seabed, limpid seawater, calm bay, fresh moist air and warm sunlight. What’s more, it will unleash your inner shutterbug, with its rolling green hills, crisp blue skies and primeval forests. To top it all off, it boasts an irresistible blend of international resorts, top-notch golf facilities, remarkable dive spots and world-class beaches.

For the adventurous, make your way to Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise, cross the bridge, and savor the awe-inspiring panoramas.

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4. Savor its mouthwatering local specialties

You can’t leave Hainan without indulging on its flavorful and hearty dishes. Whether you’re chilling in Sanya and wandering around the streets of Haikou, the province offers a smorgasbord of tasty delicacies, like the well-known Hainanese Chicken Rice, Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck and Dongshan Mutton.

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5. Visit Huoshankou National Geopark

Feeling a little adventurous? Why not venture into Huoshankou National Geopark? Although it’s somewhat far and secluded, it nonetheless lets you get up close with Mother Nature. A UNESCO geopark, this lush park also offers you a rare opportunity to walk around the rim of an inactive volcano. As for the views, they are quite impressive, with the summit offering a bird’s perspective of Haikou. To make things even better, the park has a plethora of small outdoor exhibits and displays, such as a small pond, temples, gates, old houses, caves, old lava patches and a couple of gardens.

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6. Spend a day at a beach on Boundary Island

Itching for some under the sun? Hainan is, without a doubt, home to some of the finest beaches in China. And, there’s no better place to enjoy the beach in Hainan than Boundary Island. Admired for its powdery sands and clear clean waters, Boundary Island is the perfect place to chill and enjoy the sun. Here, you can fill your vacation days chilling, by lounging on the beach while sunbathing or reading your favorite book.

But, make no mistake about it – the island can be a paradise for intrepid travelers as well. From parasailing to diving, the island offers a wide variety of exciting outdoor adventures.

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7. See Tianyahaijiao

They don’t call Tianyahaijiao as the most scenic spot in Hainan for nothing. Known for its picture-perfect beach setting, this area in Hainan has tons of grotesque stones, featuring spectacular views of the blue sea, azure sky and white waves.

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8. Catch a show at Qian’guqing Scenic Spot

Are you a big fan of Cirque Du Soleil? Trust us, you’ll love the energetic live shows at Qian’guqing Scenic Spot. With its mind-blowing aerial acrobatics, fabulous costumes and special effects, it’s arguably one of the best regular live shows in all of China. More than just a pageantry of jaw-dropping stunts, the show also gives a deep insight into the history of Sanya, Hainan.

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9. Check out Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden is a splendid nature haven, praised for its rare species, wild plants and tropical cash crops. Established in 1957, this 400,000-square meter is one of China’s four national eco-environment education centers. Nicknamed as the “tropical plants encyclopedia”, this informative garden is made up of five regions – Ecological Leisure Area, Stereo Effect Planting Area, Technology Innovation Area, Experiment and Demonstration Area and Plants Area.

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10. Experience an underwater adventure on Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island is truly one of the places to dive in Hainan. With its crystal clear and pollution-free waters, Wuzhizhou Island has natural fishing grounds brimming with tropical fish, luminous conches, prawns, sea cucumbers, sea urchin, grouper and Spanish mackerel.

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