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Star City Philippines: must-know tips for travelers

Need to escape your daily city grind, but can’t travel far? Craving for an affordable weekend break that’s full of life and colors? If your answer is a big and resounding “yes”, then you definitely should spend at least a couple of hours at Star City Philippines.  Home to a wide array of mind-blowing rides and attractions, Star City Philippines offers a whirlwind of fun-filled rides, sights and thrills. From the beautifully chilly Snow World to adrenaline-pumping rides, you’ll find a world of joys and delights in this classic Philippine theme park. Designed for visitors of all ages, there’s surely something special for everyone at Star City Philippines.

Planning to visit Star City Philippines, soon? Well, we’ve got a handful of tips, to help you experience a smashing visit to this beloved theme park.


About Star City Philippines

Star City Philippines is a sprawling 380,000-square-foot amusement and theme park in Pasay City. Operated by Star Parks Corporation, it’s nestled perfectly in the reclaimed area of Bay City’s Cultural Center of the Philippines complex. And, with more than a million of visitors per year, it’s, without a doubt, one of most popular family-friendly attractions and theme parks in the Philippines.

The amusement park opened its doors in 1991. It started out as a yearly Toys and Gifts Fair organized by the Philippine Center for International Trade and Exhibit in 1976. Soon, it evolved into an amusement park, named Star City, thanks to Fred Elizalde.

Of course, there are a lot of things that make Star City Philippines a unique and fascinating amusement park. For one, it is the first and only air-conditioned, all-weather amusement park in the Philippines. Plus, it is home to the country’s tallest Ferris wheel and the biggest permanent ice entertainment center, Snow World. On top of it all, Star City pioneered a handful of extraordinary amusement park attractions in the country, such as the water log ride, inverted roller coaster, 360-degree loop roller coaster and double-deck carousel.

And, did we mention that it hosts the Star and Aliw Theaters?

Star City rides and attractions

Attractions in Star City

  • Dungeon of Terror: A labyrinth of dungeons with ghosts prowling in the darkness.
  • Pirate Adventure: A boat ride that gives you a taste of the Pirate life.
  • Gabi ng Lagim: An attraction with hair-raising thrills based on Philippine folklore.
  • Time Tunnel: It’s a walk through the beautiful pages of history.
  • Lazer Blaster: It offers adrenaline-pumping action with its infra-red guns.
  • Snow World: The best place to experience real snow in the Philippines.
  • Scream Avenue 5D rider: Not only does it uses movement and 3D technology, but it also has smoke and wind.
  • Star Dome: An attraction that lets you see a dragon and a few other mythical creatures.
  • Adventure Zone: It offers a variety of fun activities, like rope course, wall climbing and paint ball.
  • Art Alive Museum: it’s home to more than 30 creative and quirky paintings.
  • Toy Chest: A magical world wherein Toys and bigger than kids.

Extreme rides

  • Surf Dance: An exciting ride that captures the thrill and tumult of riding the waves.
  • Jungle Splash: Not for those who are afraid to get wet, it’s a log boat ride on a white water river snaking through the Jungle.
  • Star Flyer: The first and only inverted roller coaster in the country.
  • Viking: A one-of-a-kind ride that will swing rock its guests.
  • Star Frisbee: A heart-pumping ride with dizzying heights.

Family rides in Star City Philippines

  • Happy Swing: A classic kiddie, mechanical swing with safety features.
  • Annex Carousel: A beautiful centerpiece and a classic theme park ride that everybody loves.
  • Dragon Express: A roller coaster ride that whizzes through China’s wonders.
  • Magic Forest: Be mesmerized by a mystical forest as your ride on a vintage car train.
  • Red Baron: Chase enemy planes with this WWI Ace flyer.
  • Wacky Work: Think of it as caterpillar that’s just as far as a quintessential roller coaster.
  • Telecombat: An experience that makes you feel like you’re a space explorer.
  • Grand Carousel: The country’s first double-decked carousel.
  • Giant Star Wheel: At 60 meters tall, it’s the country’s tallest Ferris wheel.
  • Egyptian Spinning Coaster: A new roller coaster ride spinning through the Egyptian desert.

Kiddie rides

  • Road Race: Car-shaped vehicles that capture the excitement of a car chase.
  • Mini Pirate Ship: Built for adventurous children who can’t experience the Viking yet.
  • Frosty Train: A special winter-themed train.
  • Kiddie Bump Car: Experience the thrill and fun of driving without congested traffic.
  • Kiddie Wheel: A small Ferris wheel built specifically for kids.
  • Tea Cup: Spinning huge tea cups for your little ones.
  • Ball pool: A maze of tubes that ends in a slide to an assemblage of colorful balls.
  • Rodeo: From ambulances to fire trucks, it offers wide range of vehicle rides for the kids.
  • Quack Quack: A 7-meter kiddie revolving ride with 6 duck tubs.
  • Little Tykes: A wondrous display of playground delights and favorites.

Adult and teen rides in Star City Philippines

  • Jumping Star: Don’t let the slow ascend deceive you. Once you reach the top, a mind-blowing heart-pounding drop follows next.
  • Bumper Boat: Bumper cars that are literally on water.
  • Bump Car Rave: An amazing bumper car ride with rave beats.
  • Bump Car Smash:  A classic theme park ride for adults and wannabe drivers.
  • Music Express: Not your typical Caterpillar thrill ride. In fact, it reaches a max speed of 12 revolutions a minute.
  • Tornado: One of the craziest rides in the world.

Star city promo and fees

Star City Ticket Fees

  • Admission Pass: PHP 80
  • Senior Citizen Admission Pass: PHP 64
  • Ride All You Can: PHP 490
  • Senior Citizen Ride All You Can: PHP 357
  • Super VIP: PHP 760
  • 3 Cheers Ticket: PHP 440
  • Snow World: PHP 170
  • Star City Annual Pass: PHP 1,999

Did you know that Star City Philippines offers discounts to school tours and corporate events? For inquiries about school tour, send an email to For corporate packages, call 833 4484 or 832 3249.

Star City schedule

Here are a list of Star City Opening Hours:

  • Monday: 04:00 PM to 10:30 PM
  • Tuesday: 04:00 PM to 10:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 04:00 PM to 10:30 PM
  • Thursday: 04:00 PM to 10:30 PM
  • Friday: 02:00 PM to 10:30 PM
  • Saturday: 02:00 PM to 11:00 PM
  • Sunday: 02:00 PM to 10:30 PM

How to get to Star City Philippines

Wondering how to get to Star city entrance? Guess what? Star City Philippines isn’t exactly hard to find. Remember, it’s located inside the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex in Pasay. In fact, it’s just 15 minutes from NAIA, 15 to 30 minutes from Quezon, 5 minutes from Manila and 15 minutes from Makati.

  • Address: CCP Complex, Sotto Corner Jalandoni Street, 1300 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay, Metro Manila

By public MRT or LRT

Taking the MRT? Just descend from LRT or Pasay station and make your way to the next LRT. Alternatively, you may take the LRT and head to Vito Cruz station.

By jeep

Hop on an orange jeep in front of the Rizal Memorial Coliseum in Vito Cruz. These orange jeeps pass by the CCP Complex.

Other important notes

  • Pregnant women are strictly not allowed to ride the park’s extreme rides.
  • Pets are not allowed inside Star City Philippines.
  • Beverages and food bought outside are not allowed inside, except baby food items.

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