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How to find promo fares before they’re all gone

Want to fly cheap, but not quick enough to bag the cheapest promo fares from Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific? Wondering how other Pinoy travel junkies score seriously cheap flights, whenever these sale promotions come around? Luckily for you, Skyscanner has penned down 4 tried and tested techniques that will help you get super affordable promo fares in the Philippines, before they are all turned to dust.

1. Use our “Everywhere” search feature

On our mobile app or website, enter the city or airport where you want to fly from. As for the destination, just type “everywhere” on the “To” field. Afterwards, pick your dates and the number of people flying. Once you’ve hit the search button, we will show the cheapest flights being offered to a wide array of awesome destinations, including all of those enticing promo fares. And remember, just because the flight that you want isn’t listed at the top of your search results, it does not mean it’s not a good bargain.

Flights are, after all, shown in ascending price order, meaning a return flight to Hong Kong might be going for only PHP 3,846, but it will be placed further down the list than a PHP 2,143 return flight to Davao.

A screenshot of our everywhere search feature

2. Search for your preferred flights across a whole month

Enter the arrival and departure destinations, go to the “Return” or “Depart” search boxes, and pick the month that you’d like to travel. If you have searched flights to a particular destination, then the next screen will feature a couple of calendars. If you searched “everywhere” over a whole month, a drop-down list featuring all the destinations with amazingly cheap flights for the specific month will appear.

From there, you’ll get to know more about the flight by picking a destination, and clicking the green button with the price on it. But, to really score rock bottom rates, search “everywhere” in the “cheapest month”. This option or feature will appear, after tapping on the “Depart” field as well as selected “whole month” (the button at the drop-down menu’s top).

A screenshot of the our whole month departure feature
![A screenshot of the our whole month return feature] ( "A screenshot of the our whole month return feature")

3. Search by country, and not a city

Fancy a backpacking adventure in Japan, but don’t know where to start? Craving for one of Thailand’s well-known curries, and not bothered which Thai city to eat in? Then, you’ll definitely love Skyscanner’s country search option!

To use this incredible search feature, just enter your travel dates, departure point as well as the country (for instance, United States rather than a specific airport or city) you want to visit. You will, then, see a list of flight prices to a range of destinations to the selected country, starting with the lowest prices. Indeed, this is a superb option, if you are heading to a specific region, instead of sticking to one particular city.

A list of affordable flights to the United States

4. Set up Skyscanner Price Alert emails

Want to keep tabs on flight prices, so you can grab the best possible deal for your preferred flight? Guess what? You can do all of that, thanks to our Price Alerts features. Just sign up for Skyscanner Price Alerts, and we will automatically send you an email, every time the price of your handpicked flight goes up or down.

You may set alerts for any destination or date, so it’s extremely useful for finding out whenever a promo fare goes live on a specific route or destination. Likewise, it’s a great way to ramp up those pre-vacation excitement levels.

A screenshot of Skyscanner's price alert feature
A screenshot of Skyscanner's price alert feature

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