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15 dazzling countries you must see before you die

Need some travel inspiration for your next adventure or getaway? Wondering where to travel next? Check out Skyscanner's list of the most beautiful must-visit countries that should be in every Pinoy traveler’s bucket list. Pick a country, book your trip, and start packing your bags!

1. New Zealand

New Zealand, with its endless array of outdoor diversions, is an awe-inspiring hub hard-wired for adrenaline junkies. Here, you can trek through the volcanic terrains of Tongariro National Park, submerge yourself in the rejuvenating waters of Maruia Springs, enjoy top-class fly fishing in Queenstown or rough it out in a rustic cabin with zero electricity on the gorgeous Great Barrier Island (just a 35 minute flight from Auckland). If that’s still not enough thrills for you, there are tons of opportunities for skydiving in South Island and bungee jumping all over the country.

Not an adventurist or an extreme daredevil? Fear not, as New Zealand’s magnificent scenery of prehistoric forests, widespread beaches and snow clad mountains will still make your trip worthwhile and memorable. If you’re a fan of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, then you’ll be pleased to know that the series was filmed entirely on location in New Zealand and you’ll be able to visit many of the iconic spots like The Shire and Hobbiton, Gardens of Isengard and River Anduin!

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The striking natural scenery of New Zealand

2. Morocco

Morocco – home of Casablanca – is an alluring treasure trove of jaw-dropping mosques, surreal landscapes, world-class surfing, and aromatic spice markets. What’s more, it has a titillating cuisine like no other with a delicate mixture of French, Persian, Mediterranean, African and Arabic flavors. Meat lovers would be pleased to know that a large part of their cuisine is meat based – with lots of beef, mutton, lamb and chicken! And we should also mention that as a plus point, Morocco is a visa-free destination for Pinoy travelers!

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The bustling and colorful streets of Morocco

3. Vietnam

In recent years, Vietnam’s tourism sector has been gaining strong momentum, sweeping visitors off their feet with tasty street food, fun-filled outdoor adventures, endless shopping opportunities and striking mountain ranges. To make things even better, when you’re traveling there, you’ll be greeted by friendly people with heartwarming smiles, and since hotel rooms don’t cost much, a vacation in Vietnam is a pretty affordable getaway!

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A couple of friendly folks in Vietnam

4. Greece

Greece, in spite of its recent economic woes, still remains a beloved tourist destination, thanks to its eye-catching historic sites as well as natural wonders, such as beaches, mountains and islands. Home to a plethora of Mother Nature’s masterpieces, the splendor of Greece’s natural charm extends from the colossal Aegean to the cloud-covered peak of Mount Olympus. While you’re there, be sure to check out the 18 precious monuments that are on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Monuments, including the Temple of Apollo Epicurius and the Archaeological site of Olympia!

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A striking overlooking view of Santorini, Greece

5. Thailand

Whether you choose to board the glitzy Eastern and Oriental Express, island hop on a long-tail boat around Phuket and Krabi, or eat your way through the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand will put you in a state of bliss with its utopian resorts, exotic dishes, relaxing massages and vibrant culture. Recently, there’s been a surge in holistic wellness and health resorts, where you can refuel and detox with Ayurvedic spa treatments and yoga.

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The famous boats of Thailand

6. Italy

No other place on earth exudes a more sophisticated feel than Italy – with Vatican City as the seat of power for the Roman Catholic Church and the living example of Renaissance Era architecture. Famous for its trails of cultural history, stunning seaside towns and art, Italy has so many amazing attractions and destinations that can give you sweet and wonderful memories. Of course, Italy will also treat your gusto with its renowned mouthwatering culinary staples, such as the risotto, pizza, spaghetti, lasagna and gelato.

Start your trip in Italy with a bang by exploring Rome, and its admirable streets filled with architectural and cultural wonders. Then, head to Florence, and be awestruck by its fabulous Renaissance architecture and art. Afterwards, go on a picturesque road trip through the snow-peaked terrain of Tuscany, and appease your taste buds with some of the world’s best food. Cap off your trip on a high note, by settling down on the shores of Venice, and cherish the Mediterranean like a King or Queen!

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A gorgeous basilica in Venice, Italy

7. Nepal

After a string of shattering earthquakes and aftershocks, Nepal’s tourism is once again on an upward swing. While hundreds of Nepalese are still homeless, and their everyday life isn’t totally back to normal, the historic landmarks are surely and wondrously being restored. Plus, the trekking routes are reopening, with its resilient people quickly finding their feet again and uniting to become stronger!

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The mighty Himalayas in Nepal

8. Japan

“The Land of the Rising Sun” is a cherished wonderland that barely needs any introduction. Known as one of the world’s ultimate travel destinations, Japan is a dazzling mash-up of modern-day innovations and ancient traditions. A photographer’s paradise, Japan will give you an itch to snap hundreds of photos as well, with its elaborate shrines, dainty Sakura trees, towering skyscrapers and colorful cosplayers. To top it all off, it brims with delightful dishes that promise to satisfy your gastronomic urges.

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Photo credit: amandaknox

9. Canada

With its welcoming ambiance, vibrant cities and awe-inspiring scenery, Canada is truly a bucket-list-worthy country that every Pinoy travel junkie must see before they die. Praised for its striking natural beauty, North America’s largest country is blessed with virgin forests, spacious prairies, breathtaking coastlines and the Arctic Plains. Diverse and wondrous, Canada has a beautiful mosaic of multicultural communities, with many descendants of French, British, American and Asian heritage. And since it is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2017, expect to see plenty of zesty events, celebrations, freebies and parties.

While it isn’t known for its thrills, Canada is also slated to quickly become the new adventure capital of the world, offering a wide range of heart-pumping escapades to its visitors, including polar bear safaris as well as epic summer and winter adventures in the Rocky Mountains.

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A dazzling lake in Banff, Canada

10. South Africa

Sprawling, diverse and incredibly scenic, South Africa is a destination that surely won’t disappoint Pinoy travelers. Known as Africa’s major cultural hub, South Africa has two cities that have ranked constantly as among the world’s top destinations – Cape Town and Johannesburg. Not to mention, it has myriad of attractions that are guaranteed to leave you in awe, including the Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant National Park, Table Mountain, Franschhoek’s vineyards and Table Bay.

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_Photo credit: jfabiola

11. South Korea

For years, South Korea has been on the cusp of a tourism spurt, and 2017 just might be its best year yet. After all, South Korea is a unique country steeped in culture, tradition and history. In recent times, the land of K-pop and bibimbap has grown in popularity, with a bustling city life, vibrant arts and culture scene, exotic delights and yummy delicacies that makes this Asian haven so interesting.

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The mesmerizing autumn foliage in autumn

12. France

A trip to one of the world’s most romantic places will ruin your regular life in a lot of different ways. For instance, every other language or dialect will sound a little harsher, after spending over a week listening to the soothing French chat. In addition, all other types of cuisines will seem less balanced or delicate, once you’ve savored real French staples. Nevertheless, a visit to France is a surreal experience that will give you countless of pleasant memories. Even though Paris often gets the most plaudits, France absolutely has so much more to offer beyond the borders of the “City of Lights”.

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The striking Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

13. United States of America

They don’t call Uncle Sam as the land of opportunity for nothing. With a multitude of opportunities for success and prosperity to offer, a lot of Pinoys have been dreaming of traveling to the United States, in the hopes of having a better life. But, make no mistake about it – not every Juan who travels to America is chasing the elusive “American Dream”. As a matter of fact, most of them are now exploring the US to see its gleaming skyscrapers, explore its extraordinary parks as well as gaze at its iconic sights, like the Grand Canyon, Times Square, Golden Gate Bridge and Millennium Park. With many promo deals on offer at the start of 2017, your dream getaway to the USA isn’t going to be as expensive as you may think it is, if you book early!

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Photo credit: djangievee

14. Australia

Aptly nicknamed as the “Land Down Under”, Australia isn’t just a large country, but it’s also a whole continent on its own. And with various ethnic groups, one-of-a-kind flora and fauna, and mesmerizing landscapes, Australia feels like a whole new world! As you visit Australia, be prepared to be amazed by the world’s greatest and most exotic natural treasures, such as the Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.

Also, get ready to see some wonderfully weird terrains, from the Australian outback to the uninhabited island in Whitsunday. And, if you want a taste of culture and entertainment, shuffle your feet your feet to the cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

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The flourishing and lovely Great Barrier Reef

15. The Philippines

Want to travel, but still don’t have enough time, money or energy to venture into foreign lands? Why not explore your very own backyard? Trust us, there are thousands of bucket-list-worthy places all over the Philippines that can give you a pleasurable adventure or respite. With over 81 provinces and 7,000 islands dotting the archipelago, you won’t run out of options, as far as travel in the Philippines goes.

Need a little help in choosing the perfect destination in the Philippines? Then, take a look at our list of the 13 must-visit places in the Philippines in 2017.

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The lush and gorgeous islands of Palawan

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