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Tagaytay tourist spots- Travel guide for a great family experience

Tagaytay is one of the coolest destinations in the Philippines, both literally and figuratively. The refreshing breeze helps you enjoy more of your surroundings and enjoy your vacation. The Tagaytay tourist spots is in the Highlands of Cavite province. It is well-known for all its natural attractions but also exists in a city, a place that combines modern designs with the beauty of nature.

Going to Tagaytay is about an hour and a half from Manila Airport. We’ll help you make the most of your Tagaytay trip with these suggested itineraries.


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Taal Volcano & Lake

Two great itineraries in one, this place is the most attractive Tagaytay tourist spot. This unique volcano which exists within a lake is still considered an active volcano. It is the 2nd most active volcano with 33 recorded eruptions. That, however, does not stop the tourism attracted by this place.  There two options in enjoying this majestic volcano, booking a hotel nearby, or actually hiking to the volcano crater.

To get to the crater, you have to sail the Taal lake. The boat ride will around 20-30 minutes. When you get to Taal Island the trek would be an hour depending on your physique. This is an easy trek even for beginners, there is no need for a guide, as the pathway is already provided. The smell of sulfur will be evident in the whole trek, so be prepared. Also, there is some geyser that is spewing, from time to time. Ultimately, the peak will provide you the view of the crater which is also another lake at the moment.

Tagaytay Picnic Groove

If you opt to watch the Taal Volcano and skip all the physical work, one other destination to check out would be the Tagaytay Picnic Groove. This picnic spot serves a magnificent view of both the Taal Volcano and the Lake surrounding it. This tagaytay tourist spot also offers some fun activities for you and your family to try. There is a Zipline inside the 13-hectare park, as well as a horseback riding experience.

The park is open every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It also has an entrance fee of Php50 (1 USD).

People’s Park in the Sky

This ruins-like the castle that stands in the peak of Mt. Gozales, is another top Tagaytay tourist spot. The park is open every day from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. The history of the park is quite interesting, as it was built during the Marcos era to house the supposed to be visiting US President Ronal Reagan. Yet, when Former Pres. Reagan canceled the trip, the construction stopped as well.

The park offers two ways of reaching the peak, one is through walking and the other is through a jeepney ride. It would be best to take the former if you’re visiting during the morning as the cool air and light breeze is refreshing.

Sky Ranch

Another famous add in your Tagaytay tourist spot checklist would the Sky Ranch Amusement Park. The Sky Ranch a five-hectare amusement park also giving you the majestic view of the Taal Volcano. It also offers a view of Tagaytay City as well. The parks have a carousel, bungee jumping activity, and of course, a Ferris wheel to check out the breathtaking view. The Sky Eye, Sky Ranch’s own Ferris wheel is the tallest one in the country, placed in the high altitude of the Tagaytay Highlands.

The park has 22 rides and attraction you could enjoy. If hungry, Skyranch also offers a variety of food stalls and a gazebo where your much on your meals. Beware though, as many of the rides offered in Sky Ranch are thrill-seeking. It is best taken on an empty stomach.

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A theme park you might enjoy with your family would be the Paradizoo, the only farm-themed park in the country. The zoo is a 10-hectare land contains different zones like the gardens where you see varieties of vegetables and flowers. There are also a separated honeybee farm and butterfly farm. The zoo offers a different kind of experience, compared to the usual zoo you would be with the farm animals. This is where one sees miniature horses, camels, llamas, and ostriches, not Philippine’s local farm animals.