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Pangasinan Tourist Spots for your day trip

Want to get away from the metro but don’t want to get stuck with other tourists? Well, Skyscanner suggest you go visit Pangasinan tourist spots, even just for a day trip. This place offers a lot of natural attractions that will surely help you unwind and relax. Aside from that, this place will surely help your nature themed Instagram, with all the beaches, islands and caves for you to explore.

How to get to Pangasinan

Pangasinan is a couple of hours away from the Manila International Airport, so expect a road trip. You could opt for a car rental with the help of the Skyscanner here. Bus routes to different cities of Pangasinan could also be a transportation option. Besides the Manila International Airport, there is the Clark International Airport, which is closer to Pangasinan. Check out the flight prices to Clark airport.


Enjoy Pangasinan Tourist Spots

Hundred Islands

This Pangasinan tourist spot is probably one of the most known Philippine destinations. Hundred Islands is the first National Park in the Philippines. It has 124 islands on low tide and with one island underwater during high tide. All these islands are scattered around the Lingayen bay, covering an area of 16.76 square kilometers. There are three island that have been developed for tourism, these are Governor’s Island, Quezon Island and Children’s Island.

If you’re visiting the Hundred Island while commuting, the bus stop in Alaminos is still about 5 – 6 kilometers from the National Park Information Center, the fare is around Php 100 (2USD). Upon reaching the Information Center, you also have to pay for your tour or overnight. Day tour cost Php 100 and overnight costs Php 160. This is where you pay for all the activities you’ll be enjoying, like Zipline, Kayaking, Jet Ski, Banana Boat and Snorkeling.

Death Pool

After traveling most of the center of Pangasinan, Alaminos, you might want to check out the next island, Burgos. Burgos offers a new Pangasinan tourist spot, that’s slowly gaining fame, Cabongaoan Beach and Death Pool. Now, this got your attention, didn’t it? Death Pool is just a name given by the local because of the trek you have to go through, before reaching the natural occurring pool. It is advised that you have some protective foot wear, especially if you aren’t used to rocky beaches.

The travel time from Alaminos central to Burgos is only half an hour, so it could all be squeezed in a day’s visit. The most common form of transportation would be the local tricycle, which you somewhat rent for a specific timeframe to drop you off and fetch you on your way back, you just have to coordinate with the driver beforehand. This costs around Php 600. Here’s a tip-Make sure to buy your supply before going to Burgos, as there are no restaurants in the area.

Sunflower Maze Farm of Tayug

Before anything else, Sunflower season happens on the whole month of May only, so if the time already passed, there will be alternate Pangasinan tourist spot you could check out in this list. Now if you did get to read this guide well before the blooming period, the sunflower maze is an amazing instagrammable place. Beside the beautiful sunflower, the farm also offers other variants of flowers that are equally beautiful. Another area to highlight would be the truck, the first service vehicle used by the owner, Mr Willy Co when they started in 1884.

The Farm’s entrance fee costs Php 100. Transportation wise, unlike in Burgos, this area could be travelled directly from Manila, just ride a bus going to Tayug, Pangasinan. So, there is the choice to start your journey in Tayug rather than in Alaminos, where Hundred Island is located.

Sky Plaza

If the abovementioned won’t work, this Pangasinan tourist spot offers a scenic view, and a pilgrimage location for Roman Catholics. Sky Park most known feature would be the 40 feet, a statue of Christ the Redeemer. It was built in June 2017, standing 1,108 meters about sea level. Before reaching the 40-feet statue, you would have to start the trek from the Chapel area. Going up, you’ll pass through the Virgin Mary Grotto, and a 30-foot tall Holy Cross.

Unlike the previous destinations, Sky Park does not collect entrance fee. Parking as well as the use of picnic tales are also free. You would have to pay however to enjoy the Zipline that is also available in the park.

Other spots to be given more than just a day visit to check out would the Patar Beach; the Minor Basilica of Manaoag, and of course the Enchanted Cave. There is a lot to explore in the province of Pangasinan. These are just a few of the Pangasinan tourist spots you should check out especially if you’re flying to Clark or Manila in a few days. Pangasinan will surely alleviate all those stress you’ve been building up!