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How to Use the Skyscanner Hotels App

Skyscanner’s new slick and intuitive app helps you find, compare and book hotels.

Looking for a hotel that fits your budget and sits close to the airport or your must-visit attractions? Kick off your search with our highly intuitive Skyscanner Hotels App today.

We’ve made it easy and quick for you to compare the prices and locations of the hotels in the area you’re traveling to. And we present all the tools you need in a slick and smooth interface. So how exactly does this app help you get the best deals out there? Here’s a step-by-step guide, plus some tips and tricks.

Step 1: Enter a desired destination

The app’s homescreen lets you begin your search right away. Enter your destination or a specific hotel, street or point of interest (e.g. Buckingham Palace). Then indicate the dates of your stay as well as the number of guests and rooms to be booked.

Quick tip: You can do multiple searches at a time. This way you can compare different destinations and find out which one offers the most affordable accommodations.

Step 2: Flip through and refine the search results

There you have it: all the hotels matching the destination you entered. For easy scrolling, the search results page displays a photo of each available hotel along with its star and guest ratings, distance from the city center and price (depending on your preference, we can show you the rate per night or the charge for your entire stay). In case you input a point of interest, its distance from the hotel is shown as well.

See something you like? Simply swipe through to view the hotel’s other high-res photos. The bonus: You can do this without leaving the results page.

To ease your search, sort or filter the results. You can sort them based on price, popularity and distance to the city center. You can also narrow down results to show only the hotels that fit the price range or reflect the star rating you indicated. Another filter option displays the hotels that you’ve marked for your favorites list (more on this in Step 4).

Step 3: Pinpoint hotels near your points of interest

To find a hotel that’s accessible, click the map icon at the top center of the screen. This brings up a map plotted with your search results so you can survey the locations of the available hotels. You can also select your points of interest to see which accommodations are close by.

Step 4: Make a list of your favorite hotels

Want to keep tabs on your favorites? When you come across a hotel that qualifies in your short list, just click on the heart at the top right of its photo. And yes, you can flip through the hotel’s other images without exiting the map view.

To pull up your favorites, click on the Menu icon or the Filter tab, both at the top left of the screen. With all your top picks on one page, you can weigh them against one another more carefully and see the pros and cons of each hotel and then make the most informed choice.

If you need help deciding, you might want to share your favorites with your travel companions via text, email or social media.

Step 5: Get a closer look at the hotel of your choice

When you click on a hotel’s photo, you get to see additional images along with everything you need to make a decision. You can learn about the hotel’s accommodations and amenities. You can spot its location on a map. You can read some reviews. And you can check out the prices offered by different providers.

Step 6: Choose your ideal deal

As you go through the list of providers, take note of the booking details and any special specifications and conditions. It pays to know whether a deal is refundable or not and what a provider’s cancellation policy is. Once you’ve picked a provider for your desired hotel, you’ll be automatically directed to the provider’s website, where you can book your stay. Make sure to access the provider’s website from the Skyscanner app so you can avail of the exact deal you found.

The best part? Using Skyscanner is completely free. No hidden or extra fees to worry about.

Hotel hunting can be tough, even on very savvy travelers. With the Skyscanner Hotels app, you can get the job done without hassle and in turn have more fun planning the trip.

Download the Skyscanner Hotels App from the Apple App Store here now!

Download the Skyscanner Hotels App from the Google Play App Store here now!

Wherever your travels take you, we wish you a smooth and pleasant stay!

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