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How to find affordable multi-city flights with Skyscanner’s mobile app

Planning on going on a memorable backpacking adventure across Europe? Want to hit Asia’s top urban destinations in one glorious and epic vacation? Guess what? Skyscanner’s new mobile feature – multi-city function – will surely make your travel planning and flight search experience a breeze and a piece of cake. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your barkada, this new feature will help you score cheap flights to every city or airport in your travel itinerary.  What’s more, it lets you create a full travel itinerary using your mobile phone only.

Learn more about this cutting-edge feature, to build the perfect travel itinerary for your next multi-city break.

How does Skyscanner’s multi-city feature work?

Dreaming of exploring a bunch of cities abroad? Looking for an exciting stopover from your trip in Europe? Or maybe, you want to navigate Southeast Asia for a month? Need some to tips to plan your multi-city holiday? Let’s face it, planning a multi-city trip can be quite overwhelming, even for frequent fliers. With so many flight options available online, it will take a great deal of time and effort to find the flights best suited to your schedule and flights.

Thankfully, Skyscanner’s multi-city tool will make everything so much easier on your end. Designed for all types of travelers, this feature combines flights between several cities into one reservation, helping you save the time on booking one-way tickets between every city. Furthermore, it lets you search a multitude of flights, compare them and book directly your whole itinerary in one click.

With this Skyscanner tool, you can create a unique, multi-city travel itinerary, before you reserve a seat on every flight at the cheapest possible rates. Multi-city tool searches include info on the fastest, cheapest and best routes for your multi-city flights. Afterwards, you can customize your flight options, so you can build a complete travel itinerary.

How to use Skyscanner’s multi-city feature

Step 1:

Open Skyscanner mobile app.

Step 2:

On the mobile app’s homepage, tap the “flights” option.

Step 3:

Next, select “multi-city” on the search flights page.

Step 4:

Enter up to 6 legs or flights of your trip. Don’t forget to select your dates, destinations and departure airports from the menus.

And, by the way, you don’t have to focus on one continent or region. With multi-city flights, you can crisscross the world, and hit a bunch of awesome cities or destinations, like New York, London and Bangkok, in one itinerary.

But, in this case, we’ll just show you how you can book multi-city flights to Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Cebu.

Every time you enter a flight route, the app will update its prices as well as available flight schedules.

Step 5:

Check the details of every flight, and see if it fits to your preferences and schedules.

Step 6:

Select the number of passengers and class for your flights.

Step 7:

If you don’t like the app’s suggestions, tap “filters”, and make the necessary adjustments.

Step 8:

Hurrah! You’ve built the perfect travel itinerary to Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Cebu! Tap the displayed travel itinerary, and hit “continue booking”. The app will, then redirect you to the travel agent or airline’s website wherein you can complete your booking.

That’s it, folks! Go ahead and play with it! And remember, you can also use multi-city for connecting flights!