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Cebu Pacific Promos – 2019

Who says you need to drain your savings and spend a fortune to experience a memorable adventure? Here are the Cebu Pacific Promo routes compared across airlines and travel agents


Latest Cebu Pacific promos in 2019

Cebu Pacific routesRound-trip rates
Cebu to ManilaPHP 2,876
Manila to Cebu PHP 5,587
Manila to Caticlan PHP 4,426
Manila to Singapore PHP 8,038
Manila to Seoul PHP 8,671
Manila to Hong KongPHP 7,025
Manila to Taipei PHP 6,481
Manila to Bangkok PHP 8,038
Manila to Puerto PrincesaPHP 4,932
Manila to DavaoPHP 4,173

Important notes: Prices for these Cebu Pacific promo fares are valid as of July 24, 2019. Furthermore, these rates may not be always available. To score awesome Cebu Pacific fares, please bookmark this page since we will be updating it on a regular basis.

Top 10 Cebu Pacific promo destinations


Manila is an energetic metropolis that will, no doubt, surprise you and leave you exhilarated. A paradise for shopaholics, Manila offers endless options for shopping from open-air markets to classy boutiques housing international brands. It’s also a melting pot for food lovers, home to renowned food stops like Binondo. On top of it all the capital teems with outstanding sites and attractions for all ages such as Intramuros, Manila Ocean Park, Ayala Museum, Star City and Manila Baywalk.  


Every Juan dreams and yearns of visiting Cebu. For years, it has been one of the top and most sought-after Cebu Pacific promo destinations. There are countless reasons why Cebu has been luring travelers all over the world. Voted often as one of the world’s best islands, Cebu is home to a plethora of striking natural wonders, including picture-perfect peaks, pristine beaches and gorgeous azure waterfalls.

As the country’s oldest city, it also boasts impressive historic landmarks highlighting the beauty of the Spanish colonial era. And, did we mention that it has the world’s best tasting pork dish, according to the late Anthony Bourdain? Yep, we’re talking about the crispy and crunchy Cebu lechon!

Boracay (Caticlan)

No list of the top Cebu Pacific promo fares is complete without the inclusion of Boracay. Known for its powdery white sands and crystal clear waters, the island is the epitome of a tropical paradise. As with most world-class destinations, Boracay also has a host of diversions to offer to travelers, such as helmet diving, beach sports, snorkeling, parasailing and a whole lot more. Even better, the island has a wild nightlife circuit and a burgeoning culinary scene.


Singapore is arguably the most popular international destination for Cebu Pacific seat sale hunters even before the blockbuster film “Crazy Rich Asians” showcased its splendor to the rest of the world.  Admired for its unique culture, the affluent city is a medley of Indian, Malay and Chinese influences, resulting in a diverse and mouthwatering culinary scene. Great food aside, the city impresses travelers with its vibrant nightlife, towering skyscrapers and one-of-a-kind tourist attractions.

Seoul, Korea

While Pinoys know Seoul for its youthful K-Pop culture & K-drama, the city has a lot more to offer. Here, you get to immerse yourself into a dynamic fusion of futuristic buildings, urban parks, trendy fashion and heritage sites. Afterwards, you can spend some time hitting the street markets sampling a variety of authentic Korean staples, like Kimchi, Bibimbap, Ddukbokki and Samgyeopsal. And, if you still have enough time, you may use Seoul as a base to explore other nearby cities and towns in South Korea.

Hong Kong

There’s no place in Asia quite like Hong Kong. That’s why tons of travelers from the Philippines scour the net for Cebu Pacific promo tickets to “Asia’s World City”. Energetic and eclectic, it’s a fascinating metropolis with endless possibilities. Not only does it offer the world’s tastiest Dim Sum, but it’s also praised for its glitzy shopping malls, great market finds and wild nightlife. What’s more, it teems with iconic landmarks and attractions such as Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Peak and Big Buddha.

As an added bonus, a visit to Hong Kong offers you a chance to explore another visa-free destination – Macau. So, you’re hitting two birds in one stone when you include Macau in your Hong Kong travel itinerary.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan recently extended its visa-free access to Philippine passport holders, making Taipei a great destination for you to visit. What’s so delightful about Taipei is that it’s also a surprisingly affordable destination where services, food, transportation and products are so much cheaper compared to Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul. And, even better, most of the top attractions in Taipei can be visited for everyone’s favorite price of ZERO pesos. So start looking for a Cebu Pacific promo fare, and start planning your trip to Taipei.

Bangkok, Thailand

They don’t call Bangkok as a backpacker’s nirvana for nothing. With its affordable accommodations and tasty cheap food, you can explore the bustling and lively Thai capital even when you’re on a shoestring budget. That, combined with a Cebu Pacific promo, will surely give you a smashing yet affordable trip.

And, like most top international destinations, Bangkok has no shortage of photogenic sights and memorable experiences. For a memorable Bangkok escapade, swing by Wat Pho, the Grand Palace and Wat Arun. And, don’t forget to take a side trip to the historic city of Ayutthaya.

Puerto Princesa

Who doesn’t love Puerto Princesa? Home to an UNESCO World Heritage Site subterranean river, Puerto Princesa has tons of wonderful experiences and sites to offer wanderers like Honda Bay, Ugong Rock and Baker’s Hill. And if you think that’s still not enough, you may hop on a van that will take you to the heavenly and world renowned El Nido.


Davao can sweep you into bliss in so many ways. With a wide range of photogenic landscapes, Davao dazzles with its mantle volcano-fed valleys and hills, orchid farms, coral islands and fruit plantations. To make things even better Davao is home to the highest peak in the Philippines – Mount Apo. Blending old traditions with modernity, Davao is also a brilliant and enchanting tapestry of harmony.

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