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Batangas tourist spots- Travel guide to explore Batangas

One of the best places to visit if you’re staying in Manila for a few days would be Batangas. Only a few hours away from Manila, this place offers a cheap backpackers tourist destination to a luxury resort and hotel experience. Whatever price point you’re coming from, Batangas tourist spots are truly a worthwhile trip you should definitely make.

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Fortune island

Fortune Island was once a luxury private island that was abandoned. Now it is sought after with the Greek ruin atmosphere to it. It has an “Acropolis” overlooking the cliff and the ocean view is one of the great marvels of this island. While it might give off a false archeological site feel to it because of the Greek styled ruins, you’ll be surprised to know that this Batangas tourist spot is an actual archeological site, albeit underwater. The San Diego, a Spanish Galleon ship was sunk in this island and discovered by the French Archaeologist Frank Giddo. Many more shipwreck can be found in the island, something you might happen upon while snorkeling.

Mount Macolod

Mountain climbers and campers will recognize Mount Macolod as one of most popular Batangas Tourist Spot. It is located in Cuenca, Batangas. The elevation of the mountain is 947 meters high. This mountain is next to the famous Taal Volcano of Tagaytay, with a deposit of Volcanic Rock, “The Rockies”, which is said to be part of the volcano’s crater rim. Atop the rockies, the view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano is breathtaking. This caldera was believed to be formed almost a million years ago when the Taal was still actively forming the landscape of the area. The mountain can be viewed from San Nicholas, Balete and Cuenca in the province of Batangas.

Isla Verde

Considered to be one the Philippines’ Marine Reserves, Isla Verde is surely booming with marine life you can explore while diving. This small island in Batangas is situated in the middle of Luzon and Mindoro. This island boasts a kilometer-long stretch of pure white sand beach called Mahabang Buhangin, which literally translate to “Long Sand”.

This Batangas tourist spot is a bit off the grid, literally. There is no electricity running in the island, except for those powered by solar panels, with a 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM schedule. There is also one public transportation to and from the Island, a 9:00 AM Batangas port to Isla Verde, and the next day 4:00 AM Isla Verde to Batangas Port. So, if you enjoy a beach night out, this place is surely for you.

Mount Pico de Loro

Also known as Mount Palay-Palay, this famous Batangas tourist spot, is also a dormant volcano. Currently, the mountain has not shown any evidences of past eruption. This also encompasses two neighboring provinces, Cavite and Batangas. The name Pico de Loro was given by the Spaniards who used “Parrot’s beak” summit to signal their change of course toward Manila bay.

This area also has a lot of Luxury hotels and resort that could help you destress. The hotels offer you the magnificent view of the mountains as well us relaxation to be away from the bustling streets of the city. You could check out exciting deals to start you Batangas adventure here.

Anilao Diving Sites

Another marine protected sanctuary that could be found in Batangas would be in Anilao. Hence, this place earned its name as one of the most popular diving sites in the Philippines. This Batangas Tourist Spot offers up to 50 different diving spots. All of these shows off the beautiful corals and bountiful marine life found in the seas of the Philippine. Anilao is best visited during the driest months in the Philippines, mostly April and May. There would be a lot of people crowding the beaches, but your diving experience will surely have better chance compared to other month, which have to deal with storms and tropical monsoon. 

Excited to check out Batangas tourist spots?

Batangas is nature get away from the bustling city, and a location any nature lover would enjoy. Only an hour away from the Manila International Airport, you should not miss this opportunity to explore Batangas tourist spots. To book your flight to Manila, check out our Skyscanner flight search tool and score some flight deals!