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9 nature destinations in and around Asia

Free yourself from all the stress and buzz in your bustling city life with these incredible nature destinations!

Asia, despite its skyrocketing economy and urban development, is still home to some of Mother Nature’s most prolific beauties and breathtaking masterpieces. From the sparkling waters and lush tropical jungles of Borneo to Japan’s steep mountains and magnificent volcanoes, Asia is absolutely blessed with a wealth of natural wonders that will delight nature lovers, adventurists and outdoor aficionados. Skyscanner features the 9 best nature destinations in and around Asia:

1. Mount Fuji, Japan

Japan‘s Mount Fuji is arguably the most stunning and popular natural wonder in all of Asia. Revered as a sacred mountain, this active stratovolcano has been an inspiration to many Japanese paintings, stories and novels, thanks to its splendid perfect shape. Standing at 3,777 meters, it is, without a doubt, the tallest mountain in Japan, making it a can’t-miss destination for dedicated trekking enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.

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A striking sight of the iconic Mount Fuji

2. Krabi Province, Thailand

Krabi, with its rugged limestone cliffs and the crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea, certainly makes a perfect idyllic destination for nature lovers. As far as I’m concerned, Krabi is a Thai nirvana where you can chill out, and travel at a rather slow pace, to admire its mesmerizing natural beauty. Likewise, it is a terrific destination to dive, and discover a whole new dimension of wondrous environmental beauty.

But, there is more to Krabi than epic diving escapades and sightseeing adventures. For adrenaline junkies, Krabi offers a cluster of adventurous opportunities, including rock climbing, elephant trekking and white-water rafting. Not to mention, Krabi has a few cozy and eco-friendly hotels, such as the Dee Andaman Hotel.

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The mesmerizing scenery of Krabi

3. Stone Forest, China

Fondly nicknamed as the “World’s First Wonder”, China’s Stone Forest is an outrageously interesting park that is best known for its imposing limestone pillars and wonderful scenery. As you walk through this UNESCO World Heritage site, you’ll be able to marvel at its steep, strange and striking intricately-formed natural stone beauties. Trust me, the sight of these rock formations – set in a grassy environment with ponds and lakes – will leave you speechless.

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The lush natural backdrop and lofty limestone pillars of Stone Forest

4. The Mekong River, Cambodia

Winding its way through Laos’s mountains to the heartlands of Cambodia and Thailand, The Mekong River is an incredible, diverse and far-reaching ecosystem that can only be rivaled by the great Amazon River in South America. One of the world’s longest rivers, the Mekong River offers a nature trekking trip that lets you explore some the less-travelled places in Cambodia. In addition, it is a nature trail in which you can travel through mountain rails and wetlands, as well as get a glimpse of a 7th century temple. On top of it all, this trekking trip gives you a rare opportunity to catch sight of the Irrawaddy dolphins, which, by the way, are an endangered species.

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The tranquil waters and easygoing setting of Mekong River

5. Mount Pulag, Philippines

Mount Pulag, one of the highest peaks in the Philippines, is a mountainous destination that will give you an unforgettable outdoor experience. Not only will Mount Pulag offer you a challenging trekking adventure, but it is supremely beautiful as well. As you take a hike in this mountain, you will be able to pass by a vast and verdant forest full of grass, moss and pines. What’s more, you’ll get to treat your eyes with awe-inspiring panoramic views as well as enjoy the cool and soothing breeze that surrounds it.

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An awe-inspiring view from Mount Pulag

6. Mount Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest, the pride of Nepal, is definitely a worthy entry to our list of top 9 nature destinations in Asia. After all, it is the highest mountain on the face of the earth, with a mind-blowing peak of 29,029 feet above sea level. Furthermore, its peak is ranked as the fifth furthest summit from the earth’s core.

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The chilly and snowy peaks near Mount Everest

7. Taman Negara, Malaysia

Taman Negara National Park is a sweet and enchanting nature escape away from Kuala Lumpur as well as the other coastal areas throughout the Southeast Asia region. Deemed as the oldest rainforest in the world, this dense, damp and shadowy ecosystem is home to ancient trees, two-tone ferns, luminescent fungi and the humongous rafflesia, which is the largest flower in the world. Tucked within the park’s flora are wild rhinos, leopards, tigers and Asian elephants, as well as petite wonders like the flying squirrels.

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The serene atmospheric beauty of Taman Negara

8. Taroko National Park, Taiwan

Framed by majestic mountain peaks and seaside cliffs, the Taroko National Park is by far the most diverse national park in Taiwan. One of the nation’s best and most celebrated tourist destinations, Taroko beckons photographers and casual sightseers with its eclectic collection of flora and fauna, including 144 bird species and more than 30 large mammal species. Plus, it is oozing with spectacular sights, such as the Buluowan, Hill of Yu the Great, Swallow Grotto, Eternal Spring Shrine, and Tunnel of Nine Turns.

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A breathtaking sight of the natural wonders  in Taroko

9. Lake Toba, Indonesia

Lake Toba, the world’s largest volcanic lake, is an epitome of a tropical paradise in Southeast Asia. Nestled right at the heart of a massive island in Sumatra, Indonesia, this ocean-blue lake dazzles and brings joy to campers and nature lovers with its sheer natural beauty and pure serenity. As a nature destination, it is a great place to kick back and relax after spending a frenzied trip in Indonesia. It is one of the very few places in Asia where you can have a blast without doing anything at all.

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Lake Toba dazzles with its unrivaled natural beauty and clear blue waters

Have you already made a decision regarding your next ideal nature destination in Asia? Before you start packing your travel gear, don’t forget to download our free mobile apps, so you can get the cheapest rates for your flights, hotel accommodations and car rentals for your next nature trip. Adios mi amigos!