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7 steps to get the most out of Bohol

Where to stay, what to do, and how to get more fun seeing the best of Bohol.

Going on a trip to Bohol can be tricky to the uninformed. You may end up spending those three or four days of vacation without getting to see and experience what you really should! To help you make that cheap flights to Bohol you just scored (or soon to) worth every peso, Skyscanner lists the must-sees and must-dos that allow you to enjoy only the best that the much-visited island of Bohol has to offer.

1. Take a Chocolate Hills Tour

Just a bus ride away from the capital city of Tagbilaran, you arrive at the Chocolate Hills Complex. A winding road that is about a 15-minute walk on a balmy, sunny day in February plays hopscotch with your feet, leading you to a vast, romantic view of the Hills Bohol is famous for. Hundreds of hills (some say over 1,200) stud a verdant plain. Mostly green throughout the year except at the end of a dry spell, when their grass turns brown, one can imagine how they got their name.

 Chocolate Hills of Bohol

2. Bohol Habitat Conservation Center

Located in Bilar, Bohol, the Bohol Habitat Conservation Center is the place to be if you’re looking for beauty, enchantment, and of course, interested in the magic of butterflies fluttering everywhere in a beautiful garden setting. With a butterfly garden and enclosure, a nature trail, a restaurant and even a small events venue, it’s more than just a pretty place to enjoy seeing countless varieties of butterflies. Guests can enter the butterfly enclosure with a tour guide who will walk them through the different stages of butterfly breeding. The center is also engaged in efforts toward wildlife and environmental preservation, breeding other endangered species such as tarsiers. It also provides livelihood development opportunities for people in the area.

Bohol Habitat Conservation Center

3. Meet and greet the Philippine Tarsier

The climate in Bohol is both pristine and mildly tropical; the natural environment verdant and vulnerable. Just as its curious attraction, the Philippine Tarsier, is both mysterious and in need of protection, so is Bohol’s vast natural resources. No visit to Bohol is complete without meeting the tarsiers. Head on to The Philippine Tarsier Foundation to do just that. Be careful to turn off the flash on your cameras and be very quiet as extreme conditions can stress them.

tarsier in bohol

4. Cruise at Loboc River

Up for a majestic river cruise? Head to one of Bohol’s favorite tourist destinations, the scenic and winding Loboc River. This river runs inland through the town of Loboc and Bohol’s other towns, opening to the sea at the southern part of the island. No doubt, a cruise down this river to experience beauty and serenity in the most scenic section of the river. Starting point of the cruises is at the historic Loboc Church at the town proper where many boats are docked and floating restaurants abound–some of them are even friendly enough to allow visitors to take pictures of the island tarsiers.

Loboc River Cruise

5. Stop by the Antequera

Head on to the Antequera, and get your fill of local handicrafts and products. About 19km birth of Tagbilaran City, this haven of interesting crafts is also home to the Mag-Aso Falls, with cascading, clear waters.

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Mag-Aso Falls
Photo credit: Lemuel Reyes

6. Get more water fun at Alona Beach

Go to Alona Beach for some fun and frolic in the sand, or for those so inclined, a scuba dive to spy the coral reefs about one hundred meters off the beach. The beach offers an array of world-class hotels to stay in. Tip: Go to bed early because so you can rise early the next day and do some more touring!

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Panglao Beach

7. Chill on an amazing sandbar

Virgin Island offers an amazing powdery white sandbar that has made it the hidden oasis of Bohol. With no one living there, this spot makes for the perfect soul-searching or secluded romantic getaway. Plus points for a teeming vibrant and colorful marine life too!

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Virgin Island

As the trip ends and you leave the Island of Bohol, loaded with memories and a refreshed mind and body, you are certain of only one thing: you’ll be back soon. So book cheap flights and great hotel deals with Skyscanner, and download our mobile apps for convenient browsing and booking on the go.

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