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7 Must-see attractions in Pagudpud

Heading up north? Here are the 7 things to do when you visit Pagudpud

The Ilocos region remains to be a favorite among backpackers, high end tourists, and even to students on a field trip. For one, it is very accessible from Manila, and serves up a perfect balance between history and fun.

Ilocos is one of the most accessible places to visit, if you’re coming from Manila. You can take a bus on your way, so you can build up your excitement and enjoy your time with friends. And on your way back, just book cheap flights to Manila from Laoag.

  • Bangui Windmills. The first and only set of windmills in the Philippines, these ones in the Ilocos region has continued to bring pride to the country, most especially to the locals. The sheer height and size of the windmills will make you feel like you’re so small, add to that the strong winds that make the windmills run, which in turn generate energy for the town’s consumption which is located in neighboring town of Bangui.
  • Kabigan Falls. It will only take you a short trek to the small falls, where you can take photos. It’s a nice refreshing start from a night of traveling.
  • Patapat Viaduct. This man-made marvel will take your breath away. Make sure you step down your van or tricycle (whichever mode of transportation you choose for your tour) so that you can appreciate how huge and how long this viaduct is.
    patapat viaduct
  • Dos Hermanos. These are just two islets beside each other. You won’t be able to go near to it, but your tour guide will most likely make it fun by saying that they’re actually breasts of a woman lying down.
  • Bantay Abot Cave. Unlike other caves, Bantay Abot won’t require you to wear hardhats with flashlights. You only need to walk some steps to reach it, and even fewer to cross it. In fact, you can see it from end to end! It’s just like a roofed area on a hill.
  • Blue Lagoon. The highlight of any Pagudpud trip is the beach, and Blue Lagoon will not fail. Depending on the season, you might see it with big waves, or as calm as a lake. But whatever day of the year it is, it will always look blue.
  • Kapurpurawan Rock Formations. This one is a marvel in the town of Burgos. You would have to walk along a changing landscape – from grass to cracked grounds with water in between, to white rocks that will slowly reveal to you the rock formations. It is pristine white, and resembles a sculpture created with the principles of art in the artist’s mind. Make sure to take photos!
    kapurpurawan rock formations

If you traveled the night before, you should be in Pagudpud early morning. Check in at your choice resort or hotel, and take some rest. After an hour or so, you should be in your comfy clothes, ready for a tour that will last until the night. Some Ilocos tours only take a few hours in the area, but the beauty of Pagudpud deserves a whole day.

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