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6 Reasons to Visit Bali, Indonesia this Month

February is a great time to visit Bali, Indonesia. Check out our top picks.

Planning on visiting Bali in February? With an irresistible combination of sandy beaches, interesting culture and mouthwatering cuisine, Bali truly makes a perfect holiday destination for Pinoys in the month of hearts. While February falls under the wet season, there’s still a world of delights, thrills and fun that awaits you in Bali during this time of the year. Still having second thoughts? Read on as Skyscanner tries to convince you with a few reasons as to why visiting Bali this February will never turn out to be a mistake.

1. Humid Weather + Warm People = Welcoming Atmosphere

A trip to a foreign land may be exciting, as you’ll experience a whole lot different culture in the flesh. However, the coldness of the people of a place where they treat you like an alien and suspicious, could somewhat make you feel deflated.

On the contrary, the Balinese are naturally smiling people, very friendly and hospitable. They often interact with visitors, mainly asking where they were from, whether they like Bali, and even warn them of Bali roads’ safety. With smiles like a permanent mark on their faces that seems so contagious, anyone visiting Bali will never feel out of place, and will eventually feel better.

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The Balinese are a friendly, gleeful and hospitable bunch of people
Photo credit: Robert Haandrikman

2. Influence of Religion + Ancient Beliefs = Interesting Culture

Compared to its Indonesian neighbours, Bali has a unique and distinct culture. Pertinently relevant to their welcoming nature, they are extremely influenced by spirituality and practice a relaxed way of life. It is not every day that you get to observe people with little artistic offerings like rice, flowers, incense, and fruits to gods, spirits and demons; but in Bali, they do it on a daily basis. Plus, so long as you dress appropriately, you’d be lucky to watch celebrations taking place in a temple.

Wholehearted believers of karma, the Balinese trust everyone and don’t lock away possessions and such, for they strongly deem that all things, good or bad, will come back around.

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Bali has a variety of colorful traditions and cultural dances
Photo credit: William Cho

3. Nature + Sea = Exciting Adventure

Just because it has a laidback way of life, doesn’t mean Bali is boring. Its nature offers a good kind of adrenaline rush like no other. Bali’s most famous nature activity is the Flying Fox, where you can fly from tree to tree through the jungle, up to 160 meters at a go.

More importantly, Bali is known for its beaches for a reason. Besides its great complement with the weather, Bali’s waves are one of the best among the world, making it a mecca for surfers, experts or beginners. But if you prefer to be underwater than riding the waves, you may choose from many different dive sites where you can either learn scuba diving or enjoy snorkelling.

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Bali is a paradise for surfers and diving enthusiasts
Photo credit: Ronni Steen Hansen

4. Retail Therapy + Affordability = The Joys of Feeling Rich

Holiday trips are not complete without shopping, especially when in Bali. For an expensive destination, you wouldn’t have much left to spend for shopping; in Bali, however, with all the affordable expenses, you can be sure that the extra room in your suitcase will be occupied.

Speaking of affordability, low prices don’t only concern shopping, but pretty much everything in Bali, including luxuries, which are mostly impossible in any other destination. What’s more incredible is that a certain dollar amount in exchange for Indonesian currency can instantly make you a millionaire, due to its rates.

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A shopping spree in Bali won't cost you a fortune
Photo credit: Wirya Ramadhan

5. Scrumptious Food + Rare Coffee = Overwhelming Comfort

Bali is blessed with a good amount of rain to grow quality food, thus the abundance of food. The island’s culinary history is specifically influenced by outside marine cultures: Indian, Malaysian, and Chinese flavours are commonly mixed in with traditional Indonesian food.

Coffee after good food? You should try Kopi Luwak, one of the rarest coffee types in the world. These coffee beans pass through the digestive system of the Asian Palm Civet, which seeks out only the finest beans in the coffee plantation.

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The Kopi Luwak is one of the best tasting coffees in the world
Photo credit: Sarah Ackerman

6. Romantic Destination + Spa Relaxation = Total Paradise Experience

Of course, February is the love month, and beach weddings are always the best. Enough reasons to make it to Bali, an island of romance. Great wedding location, even more so for a honeymoon destination. And the bonus? You’ll be the one to choose what type of wedding you want from the existing cultures on the island.

To complete the equation, a romantic moment known to couples is sharing a quiet moment at the spa. That being said, Balinese massage and body scrubs are a part of Balinese culture. The positive disposition passed through their hands instantly gives a relaxing feel, making it one of the best you’ll ever have, and a total paradise experience.

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A lavish spa resort in Bali, Indonesia
_Photo credit: Matt_Weibo_

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Photo credit for cover: Jelle Oostrom

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