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5 Things to Love About the Pahiyas Festival

Witness the awesome wonders of the colorful fiesta of Lucban, Quezon, Philippines!

It’s Pahiyas Festival week in Lucban, Quezon, Philippines, and Skyscanner lists down five things you shouldn’t miss the next time you visit and party with the locals.

Held every 15th of May, the Pahiyas Festival is one colorful feast Filipinos celebrate annually honoring San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. It showcases the town’s abundant produce as food is shared for all while households try to top one another in decking their houses’ facades with rice, fruits, vegetables and handicrafts, creating an adornment of colors in the whole town.

The Pahiyas had been celebrated by many generations of Filipinos and have helped seal friendships and strengthen camaraderie in this side of the Quezon province. It is a time when native folks ask for divine intercessions to lift their battered spirits for this occasion is such a great let-up from the otherwise hardy life in the country. This is when famers thank and pray for a bountiful harvest and productive seasons to come. And yes, it is when visitors and fiesta-enthusiasts keep loving these five things you too shouldn’t miss when you go there:

1. Food Fair and Harvest Displays

Homes are decorated with the town’s best agricultural products. The families invest time and money to put up a good display that would look good during the day and at night. It is a site to behold seeing all structures donned with crop decors. Fresh fruit and vegetables are everywhere for the visitors to taste and enjoy. It’s a free-for-all, grab-all-you-can affair with suman-sweet, sticky native rice cakes-as the center of contention.

2. Procession Tour of Lucban

Arriving early in the morning gives you a chance to join the procession at around 7am. You can follow the parade and have an instant walking mini-tour of the friendly Lucban town. Every year, the Pahiyas committee would determine the procession route which starts and ends at the Church. All the houses in the procession route are encouraged to decorate their houses and join in the decor contest. This route changes every year to give a chance for every family in Lucban to decorate their houses.

3. Longganisang Lucban

It is made of natural ingredients—pork, lots of garlic, lots of oregano and more. It is salty and not the sweet kind Filipino longganisas (sausages) usually are. Dip it in vinegar to sample it at its best and momentarily forget your diet!

4. Pancit Habhab

For just P10, you can enjoy this very popular pancit (stir-fried noodles) in Lucban. The best way to eat this is to shove the pancit directly into your mouth while still warm without using any utensils and instead using only a piece of banana leaf where it’s served during the fiesta.

5. Jollibee Characters

Of course, in this merry making even Jollibee, the local Filipino fastfood signature mascot and other character mascots Hetty Spaghetti and Mr. Yum would join the fun. Every year, the Pahiyas festival goes commercial with advertisement banners all around the town, and the sponsored Jollibee Pahiyas House done in a flavorful taste continues to be an attraction. There are even more festivals waiting to be held all year round in the many islands of the Philippines—and the Pahiyas is just an item on the list. So what are you waiting for? Pack now and join the fun in Lucban!

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