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3 Cleanest Cities in the Philippines

Skyscanner gives you three of the cleanest and most beautiful cities in the country.

In this pollution-stricken world, just how can a city achieve cleanliness? It may sound impossible for a country that’s densely populated and congested with modern infrastructure especially in urbanized areas, but there are outstanding cities in the Philippines that have proven that “yes, we can keep clean!”

With its 122 bustling cities, the Philippines is proud to have people backed by their local governments to keep their environs spic and span—perhaps not 100% perfectly clean, but clean enough to rival the other pristine cities of the world. Skyscanner gives you the Philippines’ three topnotchers:

1. Puerto Princesa City

This capital city of Palawan in Luzon is not only renowned for its flourishing natural resources, and the unrivaled paradise experience it gives visitors while being the region’s top urban center. Puerto Princesa, aptly dubbed “the Port of Princesses” is also known for being a staunch advocate of environment protection and cleanliness in the Philippines.

The City of Puerto Princesa regularly receives numerous awards and citations from the national government – from excellence in environmental programs, socio-civic activities to economic performance. As of 2012, it is the leading city in the Philippines that is able to provide the best environmental conditions. It has also received the #1 ranking for offering the best tourist attractions, #2 ranking for being the city with the lowest population density and 6th in terms of cultural and historical significance.

2. Bacolod City

Bacolod is the capital city of Negros Occidental in Visayas, well known for its Maskara Festival celebrated every October. Bacolod is known for its friendly people, thus the nickname the “City of Smiles”. In addition, the city received numerous awards and citations from different organizations for having one of the healthiest environments, the most interesting culture, impressive architecture and a steadily developing economy.

Bacolod recently topped in a survey by MoneySense Magazine as the "Best Place to Live in the Philippines" and placed 3rd among the Top 10 "Next Wave Cities" of the Philippines for the best location for business process outsourcing and offshoring according to the 2010 report of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology.

The City of Bacolod ranks 3rd in giving the best environmental conditions to live, 2nd in having the best delicacies in the country, 4th for historical and cultural significance, and 4th for best tourist attractions.

3. Davao City

A city with the most important financial and trade center in Mindanao, Davao, nicknamed as the “Crown Jewel of the South,” is the provincial capital of a united Davao Province. It was ranked 87th in the fastest growing cities of the world by the City Mayors Foundation, and also as the 10th Asian City of the Future by the FDI Magazine.

Davao is a leading producer of mangoes, pomelo, bananas, coconut products, papaya and mangosteen. Durians is also a notable export for the city, thus it is nicknamed the "durian capital of the Philippines.” It has become an ethnic melting pot that attracts migrants from throughout the Philippines, lured by prospects for prosperity in the country’s second-largest city.

The City of Davao, being the eco-adventure capital of the land, is the 2nd best city that caters the tourist with the best natural attractions, 5th best performing city financially, 9th in having the most cultural and commercial ties here and abroad, and 3rd in having the best infrastructure in the country


Makati City

Makati is the financial capital of the Philippines. The city ranked 1st with the most cultural and commercial ties locally and internationally, 5th as the best provider of public healthcare, and 2nd having the best infrastructure in the country.

Marikina City

Marikina is one of the healthiest and livable cities within the Asia-Pacific, a Hall of Famer for its cleanest and greenest city, most awarded city in Metro Manila. It is ranked first by the national government for having the best environmental programs in the National Capital Region.

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