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2019 Holiday Calendar: How to hack your holidays into epic long weekends in 2019

Need some tips to spice up a boring holiday or weekend in 2019? Wondering how to turn a Philippine holiday into a fun-filled vacation for the ages? Let’s face it, weekends and holidays in the Philippines are like those mouthwatering pizzas in a barkada gathering – they are over quite fast. That’s why Skyscanner has pinned a few travel hacks for Pinoy adventurers who want to make the most of their long weekends and holidays in 2019. With these tips, you can start plotting your leaves, and experience a plethora of rocking adventures in 2019! Check out the image below on how to maximize your 2019 long weekends and keep reading for more destination recommendations and sweet flight deals!


File a leave for February 4

Want to make your Chinese New Year celebration in 2019 full of life and colors? Then, file a leave on February 4 – the day before the official Chinese New Year holiday in 2019. And, since February 5 falls on a Monday this year, you’ll have 4 days for a memorable long weekend break in February 2019. That is if you don’t have work on February 2, which is a Saturday.

Of course, there are plenty of options for places to travel on this 4-day getaway. For a fitting and exciting escapade, head to cities or destinations that celebrate the Chinese New Year with a bang, such as Beijing, Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong. If, however, you can’t afford to travel far, you may celebrate the holiday with the world’s oldest Chinatown, Binondo.

Don’t go to work on April 8

Don’t get us wrong – we’re not saying that you go AWOL in April 2019. Although adventures should be a priority, you can’t fund your trips if you’re jobless or suspended from work. On a more serious note, though, we recommend that you take an official leave on this date if you need a break from work. Like the Chinese New Year holiday, the public holiday, Araw ng Kagitingan, also falls on a Tuesday in 2019. That means the only way you can make the most out of it is to file a leave on April 8.
Don’t know what to do in the Philippines on this long weekend? Take a walk down memory lane by paying homage to the brave souls who valiantly fought for every Juan’s freedom in Bataan on this holiday. Here, you’ll find a smorgasbord of events and programs honoring the local heroes during WWII, including pyro displays, dance contests and parades. To make things even better, it has an impressive collection of attractions to fill your vacation days, like Mount Samat and Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar.


End April 2019 on a high note

Itching for a 5-day vacation, but don’t have enough leaves left in 2019? Guess what? You can have a 5-day vacation in 2019 for just a couple of consecutive workday leaves in April, with this hack. Just file a leave on April 29 and 30, so you can have a long break from April 27 (Saturday) to May 1, Labor Day. Not a bad hack, right?
Normally, all roads lead to Boracay on Labor Day. But since the allowed number of daily tourists in Boracay has been reduced, you might have a hard time booking flights and accommodations to the island paradise. Luckily, there are dozens of places in the Philippines where you can get your summer bliss, including Coron, Cebu and even Tawi-Tawi.

5 days of Independence from work

Did you know that you can turn Independence Day 2019 into 5 free days full of beautiful memories? As with our Labor Day trick, make sure to file 2 consecutive working day leaves before Independence Day. Add in the weekends, prior to these leaves, and you’ll end up with a whopping 5-day break from work.
Got no clue on how to spend this long weekend break in 2019? Why not pay a visit to Boracay? Not only will the crowds dissipate in June, but you’ll also have a pleasant sunny beach escapade. Furthermore, you’ll get to enjoy huge bargains on accommodations and flights to Boracay during this time of the year. Alternatively, you may also go to Batangas, Southern Leyte, Vigan or Camiguin.

Tell your boss you’re not available for work on August 19 and 20

Just because Ninoy Day in 2019 falls on a Wednesday, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a long weekend break on this holiday. And, though there only a few typical long weekends in 2019, you can still have a lot of breaks with a little strategy. The truth is, you can hack your way to another unforgettable 5-day vacation in 2019 by taking days off on August 19 and 20.
So, where’s the best place to travel in August? We strongly suggest that you book a trip to Cambodia for these dates. With its green season in full bloom, you’ll get to see the vibrant green rice paddies of Cambodia in August 2019. What’s more, the mornings are always bright and sunny, and the crowds are pretty few in August. And, did we mention that the rates for hotels drop in Cambodia during this season?

12 days of Christmas

If you think you really need a long year-end break in 2019, take note of this tip. From December 21 to January 1, you can have 12 straight non-working days that you can use to travel or simply relax. Just file leaves on December 23, 26 and 27. These dates, combined with the weekends and holidays (Christmas and Rizal Day), will give you arguably the longest break you’ll have in 2019. Plus, it will give you a chance to work on your bucket list, and travel to countries where you can have a slightly long year-end vacation.
For this rather long break, you can travel to Bangkok, and start your Southeast Asian backpacking route on the right foot. Then, you may head to Ayutthaya, Siem Reap and Mui Ne. Afterwards, you can cap off your trip on a high note with a visit to Ho Chi Minh City.

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