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12 reasons to visit Cebu

Discover the top reasons travel junkies flock to the island of Cebu.

From tasty mouthful goodies to fabulous pristine beaches, Cebu is truly a blissful destination that will fascinate you in a lot of different ways. Deemed as one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, Cebu has a world of fun, adventure and thrills to offer to its visitors.

Looking for a good reason to visit Cebu? Skyscanner lists a dozen great reasons why you should pay a visit to this Filipino hub.

1. Mouthwatering street foods

From Chinese-inspired dishes like steamed rice and siomai to the Cebuano staple ginabot, Cebu has a plethora of mouthwatering street foods to tickle your taste buds and please your gastronomic urges. For those who want to try exotic Filipino dishes, Cebu also has a handful of one-of-a-kind culinary specialties, such as lansiao (soup number 5), bakasi (salt-water eels), and tuslob buwa (pig brains).

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The crunchy and ultra delicious ginabot. Photo Credit: Third Tiu

Photo Credit: Third Tiu

2. The best-tasting lechon

When it comes to lechon, no one cooks it better than the Cebuanos. As a matter of fact, even the world famous celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain declared that the Cebuano lechon is “the best pig ever.

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The iconic lechon of Cebu. Photo credit: gem

Photo Credit: Gem

3. Oslob

A visit to Oslob is indeed a recipe for an unforgettable tropical vacation in the Philippines. Once here, you may head off to the Tumalog Falls, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip as well as experience a therapeutic water massage. To make your tropical vacation in Oslob even more memorable, go to Sumilon Island, and enjoy a slice of beach paradise in Cebu.

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A magnificent sunrise in Oslob

Photo credit: Hendrix Audrim Valmoria

4. Nalusuan Island

With its breathtaking fish sanctuary, amazing scenery and incredible diving site, it’s easy to see why plenty of foreign travelers have fallen in love with the Nalusuan Island in Cebu. As you visit this island paradise, you get to snorkel on its eye-catching protected marine garden, and feast your eyes on colorful corals and schools of fish. Of course, a trip to this island also lets you enjoy a bite of the idyllic life, delighting you with its gentle sea breeze, soothing ambiance, and delectable seafood treats.

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The striking azure waters of Nalusuan Island

5. Moalboal Diving Spot

Scuba diving on the clean deep waters of Moalboal is an absolute must-try adventure for anyone who visits this destination. Moalboal has a number of diving sites that allow you to gaze on spectacular coral gardens, swim alongside sea turtles, and even get an up close encounter with the hammerheads and white tip sharks.

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The prismatic underwater world of Moalboal. Photo credit: Olivier Delorieux

Photo credit: Olivier Delorieux

6. Kawasan Falls

One of the most sought-after attractions in the entire Cebu province, the Kawasan Falls has been luring foreign and local travelers alike with its serene setting, magnificent natural backdrop, and rushing ice-cool waters. A peaceful respite away the urban jungles of the Philippines, Kawasan also appeals to people who are fond of extreme adventure, offering adventurous expeditions that involve waterfall jumping, rapelling, rock climbing, canyoneering, and trekking.

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The refreshing Kawasan falls. Photo credit: ilaw

Photo credit: ilaw

7. Osmeña Peak

Speaking of treks and outdoor trips, another good reason to visit Cebu is the lofty Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete. Aside from trekking, mountaineers and adventurists also come to this place to camp and enjoy panoramic views of the entire province as well as it neighboring islands like Negros.

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A scenic view from peak. Photo credit: wiwa Platil

Photo credit: wiwa Platil

8. Camotes Island

Known for its unspoiled natural beauty, Camotes Island boasts a galore of pristine beaches, natural wonders, and adventuresome expeditions. Beach bums may sunbathe and swim undisturbed with the relaxed shores and glistening waters of the Mangodlong and Santiago Bay. Likewise, they may swim in the Danao Lake or take in its lovely views. Adventure seekers, meanwhile, can explore the Bukilat Cave or trek to the Altavista view point.

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The breathtaking Camotes Island. Photo credit: RomRueda

Photo Credit: RomRueda

9. Bantayan Island

You won’t find any metro discos, mega movie houses, lavish hotel chains or luxurious shopping malls on Bantayan Island. Yet, it manages to draw flocks of travelers every day, thanks to its breezy feel, warm locals and dazzling white sand beaches, such as the Sugar Beach.

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The fabulous white sands and blue waters of Bantayan

10. Malapascua

When travelers think of the small and scenic Malapascua, the first thing that usually pops into mind is its world-class diving scene. After all, Malapascua is one the world’s best places to catch sight of the thresher sharks. But, there is more to this island than just scuba diving. From hiking and sunset gazing to swimming on its opulent beaches, there are tons of things you can do and enjoy on Malapascua Island.

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A thresher shark in Malapascua. Photo credit: Klaus Stiefel

Photo Credit: Klaus Stiefel

11. A vibrant nightlife circuit

Are you a nocturnal party animal? The city of Cebu is a burgeoning metropolitan area bursting with chic dynamic nightspots that guarantee to set your nights on fire. When the sun sets in Cebu, the Crossroads, Mango Avenue and IT Park will be jam packed with energetic beer drinkers and hippie party goers who are looking for an epic night of partying.

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The Crossroads in Cebu City. Photo Credit: pierre marius M

Photo Credit: pierre marius M

12. Charming people

Cebuanos or Bisayas have been unjustly stereotyped as baduy, which is a Filipino term for old-fashioned and un-cool. But in reality, Cebuanos are naturally charming, laid-back and cool people. Not to mention, they are pretty courteous and accommodating.

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A lovely view the iconic Mactan Bridge

Photo credit: Judhi Prasetyo

Whether you are foodie, beach lover or someone who is looking for heavy dose of adventure, there is something special in store for you in Cebu. So, what are you waiting for? Travel to Cebu now, and take pleasure in every spectacle and mesmerizing sight it has to offer.

A final tip, make sure to arrange your hotel and flight reservations using our mobile app, to experience a supremely fun vacation in Cebu. Ayu-ayu bai!