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How to get cheap flights? 11 travel hacks to get cheap airfares and amazing promo deals

Expensive flights are the ultimate Pinoy traveler’s nightmare. Let’s face it, every Juan wants to go everywhere and explore the charms of the world, but flights nowadays can seem a bit too expensive if you want to travel far. But the good news is, there are plenty of easy ways and expert travel hacks to bag the cheapest flights for your next adventure. Looking for a sure-fire way to score affordable airline tickets? Follow these simple yet effective travel tips from Skyscanner, and turn yourself into a savvy budget flight-finding ninja!

1. Be flexible and use Skycanner’s “Everywhere" search tool

Want to travel cheap, but don’t have a clue where to go? Then, let Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” feature help you find your dream destination. Not only will this feature give you a plethora of destination suggestions to inspire you to go places you’ve never been, but it will also find you the best and lowest airline tickets possible for your desired budget.

To use this unique feature, you just have to go to the homepage of our website, and enter the airport where you will be departing. Afterwards, select “Everywhere” on the destination airport tab, and enter the number of passengers as well as the date of your travel.

If you have flexible travel dates, click on the “cheapest month” or “whole month”, to find the best airline bargains. Then, hit “search flights”, and pick your favorite destination from the list.

A screenshot of list destinations from the everywhere search results

A screenshot of list destinations from the everywhere search results

2. Sign up for Skyscanner Price Alerts

Our price alerts are truly a great boon for budget travelers in the Philippines. After all, it is a superb travel tool that helps you monitor prices for your desired flights. When the fare of a flight you’re tracking changes, Skyscanner will notify you about the updates via email. To make things better, this handy travel tool is totally free to use for every Juan. Of course, you can unsubscribe from this service and modify your alerts, whenever you want.

Wondering how to set up a price alert for your flight? Simply open Skyscanner, and run a search of your preferred route. A pop-up will appear and ask for your email address. Enter your email address, check the box below, and click “create alert”. Whenever the price of your picked flight changes, we will send you an email that indicates the change in price.

Price alerts are a great tool for budget travelers

Price alerts are a great tool for budget travelers

3. The best time to book a flight

When is the best time to book a flight from the Philippines? We’ve crunched our data, and analyzed millions of flights over the course of a few years from the Philippines, to know the perfect time to book an airline ticket.

The results of our research show that Pinoy travelers, who want to score cheap airfares, should book at least 19 weeks in advance prior to the departure date. We also discovered that the cheapest month to travel abroad is November.

Check out our Best Time to Book data, to get more information.

best time to book a flight is 19 weeks prior to travel date

4. Don’t clear your browser cookies

Think clearing your cookies will help you find amazing airfares? The truth is, clearing your browser cookies won’t help you bag cheaper flights and promo deals. On the contrary, browser cookies can actually make your browsing experience a whole lot simpler and more convenient. With their ability to eliminate the hassle of filling up your preferences and details, browser cookies can in fact help you book flights at a much faster rate, which will allow you out-hustle other promo deal grabbers and hopefuls.

cookies are a godsend for budget travelers

5. Make your decisions before the promo fare is announced

Plan ahead, mark your calendar, and know the destinations you are gunning for. And once a promo airline deal is announced, book those cheap tickets as fast as you can, and beat out other Pinoys who are also hoping to score cheap airfares. Whether you’re dreaming of going on a whitewater rafting adventure in Cagayan de Oro or exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo, planning ahead increases your chances of booking a great and affordable promo deal.

Planning in advance is a must

6. Watch for promo piso fare deals during the holidays

Nobody really knows when airline companies in the Philippines would be offering piso fare deals and cheap airfares. It’s totally up to the marketing strategies and discretion of every individual organization. But, for the most part, most airline companies offer promos during special occasions and holidays, such as All Saints’ Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, National Heroes Day, Holy Week, Valentine’s Day, New Year, Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Also, brew some coffee, and stay up late on these dates, to get a chance to grab these deals, especially when other Pinoys are asleep. Keep in mind, promo travel deals and piso fares are usually available at the wee hours of the morning like 2:30 am during the Philippine holidays.

A traveler booking a flight on Xmas day

7. Know the anniversaries of each airline in the Philippines

Speaking of booking periods, a good time to find a cheap airfare in the Philippine is during an airline’s anniversary. To celebrate their anniversaries on a high note, airlines normally launch massive promo deals as a goodwill gesture and as a treat to their loyal customers.

Timing is everything when it comes to promo deals

8. Stalk the airline on social media

Tinker your social media settings, and follow the Facebook and Twitter accounts of all the airlines operating in the country, so you’ll get notified when they post a promo airfare update. Better yet, follow Skyscanner Philippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and get the lowdown on the latest airline promo deals.

Keep updated with the latest price updates through Twitter and Facebook

9. Travel solo or book by small batches

Promo fare deals sometimes feel like they are designed for couples and solo travelers. When you book tickets for a bunch of passengers, the site will show “sold out”. But, when you try to book for one or a couple of people, you’ll get tickets to that same flight (same time, same day and same aircraft) with hardly any errors.

A happy solo traveler

10. Pick a not-so popular destination

Every Juan wants to bag a promo airline deal to a sought-after Philippines destination like Palawan, Bohol, Cebu and Davao. Unfortunately, promo airline deals to these top destinations usually sell out in a jiffy, even before you have considered booking them. But on the bright side, there are plenty of awesome alternative destinations in the Philippines that are also worth visiting.

Dumaguete, for instance, has access to a cluster of great beaches as well as offers an epic heritage-rich experience. Likewise, Iloilo is the gateway to Guimaras – a pristine haven full of stunning beaches and sweet mangoes. Laog is your doorway to Pagudpud, and the finest gems of the Ilocos region.

A beautiful sunset in Guimaras

11. Know the geography of your destination

Try to use other gateways or nearby airports to the destinations that you wish to visit. Can’t find a cheap deal to Caticlan? Fly to Kalibo instead, which is just a couple of hours away from Caticlan.

Want to travel to Dumaguete, but can’t find a 1-peso seat? Try to look for cheap flights to Cebu, and when you do find one, fly there and take a ferry to Dumaguete. It’s a cheap way to get to Dumaguete, and it gives you an opportunity to explore Cebu as well.

Just learn a little bit more about the geography of your destination, and carefully plan your exit and entry points, to get the best possible fares for your preferred destination. And by the way, you can also use this strategy when going on a cross-country adventure abroad, such as Malaysia to Singapore, and Hong Kong to Macau.

Maps are essential for travelers

Want to always get the cheap flights? Make things simpler and easier on your end by searching for your flights with Skyscanner!


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