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10 hidden coves in the Philippines that you must visit

Ensure a restful and relaxing 2015 by visiting all of these hidden coves found in the Philippines!

The Philippines is blessed with a number of beautiful beaches. Apart from the numerous white and gray sand beaches, did you know that some of these hidden coves are just a few hours away from Metro Manila? Skyscanner Philippines presents a list of 10 hidden coves in the region. Get your planner and plot a relaxing getaway in secluded paradise!

1. Anawangin Cove in San Antonio, Zambales

Let’s start with the most popular cove of the bunch. Located in San Antonio, Zambales, Anawingin Cove remains a favorite camping site for both locals and foreign tourists alike. Who wouldn’t want to lounge on a long white sand beach with giant pine trees all around? Plus points to pristine cleanliness too, thanks to caretakers. To get here, fly in via Manila or Clark.

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Photo Credit: Bryan San Solis

2. Maira-Ira Cove in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Have you been to Pagudpud’s Blue Lagoon? Did you know that its real name is Maira-ira Cove? This cove is best known for its long stretch of white sand beach, blue waters and strong waves, which appeal to hardcore surfing enthusiasts. Although included in most Ilocandia package tours, Maira-ira Cove is still well-maintained by the locals. Tip: for a less stressful trip, take a plane trip to Laoag then a two-hour bus ride to Pagudpud.

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Photo Credit: Victor Villanueva

3. Sohoton Cove in Surigao del Norte

One of the most admired tourist spots in Mindanao, the journey to Sohoton Cove of the Bucas Grande Island is pure bliss. Be captivated by the crystal clear waters and appreciate its natural sanctuary! But first, you’ll need to pass through a small opening to get to Sohoton Cove. Fret not, the journey will be absolutely worth it.

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Photo Credit: Marxtermind

4. Sibang Cove in Calayan Island, Cagayan

Time to travel up North! The boat trip to Calayan Island is usually a challenging one, but adventure seekers are bound to delight in this hidden gem of the Cagayan Region! Sibang Cove is one of the three hidden coves found on the island. The powdery sand makes each visitor stay longer, and as what lucky travelers claim, it is probably one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the Philippines – and a breeding area for humpback whales too!

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Photo Credit: Louie John Qua

5. Nagsasa Cove in San Antonio, Zambales

Zambales is truly gifted with a number of hidden coves (although not much of a secret anymore to weekenders). Just near the famous Anawangin Cove lies Nagsasa Cove. Bigger and with equally awe-inspiring scenery, Nagsasa is an ideal place to contemplate and ponder about life, soaking in stunning nature, and all on a reasonable budget.

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_Photo Credit: Cez Mendiola_

6. Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas

Do you have friends or relatives who are members of the Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club? Or enough money in the bank to apply for membership? You may want to check out Hamilo Coast, one of the two hidden coves that are exclusively available to club members. Just a 90-minute drive away from Manila, it’s time to unwind and simply soak in some quiet time – in a luxurious way.

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Photo Credit: Reuben

7. Cagwait Cove in Surigao del Sur

Known as the ‘Waikiki Beach of the Philippines’, Cagwait Cove is located in a quaint town. Though highly frequented by visitors during the Kaliguan Festival in June, this is considered one of the hidden coves across the country – with soft powdery white sands to be proud of.

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Photo Credit: Joseph Gumia

8. Nagtabon Cove in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Palawan is known for its beaches and island hopping tours. And within Puerto Princesa, an immaculate hidden paradise named Nagtabon Cove can be found. Tall coconut trees, white sand beaches, clear blue waters and postcard-perfect memories? They have it all!

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Photo Credit: Renwick Cruz

9. Cababaan Cove in Calayan Island, Cagayan

Calayan Island is truly bestowed with hidden coves that will surely capture the hearts of its visitors. Cababaan Cove is described to be the most immaculate, in terms of white sand, amongst the big three.

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Photo Credit: EAZY Traveler

10. Caniwara Cove in Calayan Island, Cagayan

This is a ‘rocky’ beach trip you’ll definitely fall in love with. Not only does Caniwara Cove offer small rocks on the seashore, it is also an ideal place for bird watchers too. Nagundungan Hill provides a spectacular view of all the hidden coves, and its giant cliffs contribute to the drama and impressive nature of this little paradise. Head here if you’re seeking inspiration!

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Photo Credit: EAZY Traveler

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