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10 best waterfalls to visit in the Philippines

Need to escape the scorching city heat? Craving for a therapeutic nature trip? Please, do yourself a favor and take a plunge at any of the refreshing and majestic waterfalls to visit in the Philippines. From Cebu’s iconic Kawasan falls to the lovely falls in Laguna, there are tons of amazingly refreshing and soothing waterfalls to visit in the Philippines. Of course, these natural wonders are also pretty easy on the eyes, making them fabulous places to snap some dazzling Instagram shots.

Planning on chasing some waterfalls in the Philippines, but don’t have a clue on where to go? Fear not! We’ve got some tips and suggestions that will help you discover the top waterfalls to visit in the Philippines.


1. Kawasan Falls – Cebu

Think Cebu is all about sugar-white beaches, historic sites and mouthwatering lechon? Guess what? Cebu is also home to some of the most beloved and gorgeous waterfalls to visit in the Philippines. And, trust us, there’s no waterfall in Cebu quite like Kawasan Falls. For decades, Kawasan has been luring travelers worldwide, with its irresistible azure waters and stunning natural backdrop. To make things even better, you can experience a Kawasan Falls canyoneering adventure here – a mind-blowing escapade for those who enjoy adrenaline-pumping thrills.

To make even more fun and better, there are plenty of wondrous sites near Kawasan Falls, such as Lugsangan Peak, Cambais Falls and Lambug beach. Isn’t that nice and lovely?

2. Maria Christina Falls – Iligan City

They don’t call Iligan as the “City of Majestic Falls” for nothing. As you explore the city, you’ll discover a myriad of towering and marvelous Philippine waterfalls. And, the undisputed star of the city’s awesome waterfall scene is no other than the nationally famous Maria Christina Falls.

Rings a bell? You’ve probably heard of it a thousand of times at school. After all, it has been featured in school books, thanks to its natural grandeur and impressive height of 320 feet. In addition, it’s the main source of electronic power for Iligan’s industries, making it one of the unique waterfalls to visit in the Philippines. Sadly, swimming is prohibited due to the nearby hydroelectric plant and strong currents. Nevertheless, it’s quite a breathtaking sight to behold.  

3. Tinago Falls – Iligan City

Want to see more of Iligan’s majestic waterfalls? Wondering how to add more fun to your visit to Iligan? Then, make sure to include Tinago Falls to your Iligan travel itinerary and list of waterfalls to visit in the Philippines. Although not as well-known as Maria Christina Falls, this natural spectacle wows visitors with its striking shimmering blue waters, lush vegetation and laid-back charm. Bona fide shutterbug or not, you’ll spend a lot of time in Tinago, snapping dozens of photos and just soaking up the beautiful scenery.  

4. Tinuy-an Falls – Bislig, Surigao del Sur

Tinuy-an, standing at 180 feet high, isn’t as tall as some of the waterfalls to visit in the Philippines. But, it’s extraordinarily wide, with a width of 300 feet, making it one of the most interesting waterfalls to visit in the Philippines. No wonder it’s nicknamed as the “Niagara Falls of the Philippines”! Besides its tempting waters and mesmerizing beauty, the waterfall also makes a rainbow almost every morning from 9 to 11 AM, when the sun’s rays penetrate the mist of the waterfalls. After getting your fix for waterfalls, don’t forget to check out the other cool spots in Surigao del Sur, such as the Enchanted River and Britania Islands.

5. Pagsanjan Falls – Laguna

Dreaming of chasing Instagram-worthy falls in Laguna? Why not drop by the most popular Laguna Falls – Pagsanjan Falls?  Billed as one of the top waterfalls to visit in the Philippines, the three-tiered falls will surely unleash your inner adventurer. To get to the falls, you’ll either have to take the heart-pumping indigenous dugout canoe ride or enjoy a hike. As for the scenery, Pagsanjan is indeed nothing short of amazing.

6. Bukal Falls – Majayjay, Laguna

Speaking of Laguna falls, you might want to check out the visually appealing Bukal Falls. A combination of a spring and waterfalls, these Majayjay falls will sweep you into bliss with its sparkling, cold and spotlessly clean waters. Once you arrive here, you’ll be tempted to spend hours swimming and taking in its superb and breathtaking natural charm.

7. Daranak Falls – Rizal

Looking for waterfalls to visit in the Philippines that are pretty close to Metro Manila? The truth is, you don’t have to drive far to experience the most fascinating waterfalls to visit in the Philippines. From Manila, you can take a 2-hour drive to Rizal, and chill like a boss at Daranak Falls.  Located at the foot of Tanay’s scenic mountains, this 14-meter high cascade is wondrously embellished with ponds, rivers and natural vegetation. Whether you’re yearning to unwind or go on a fun-filled nature trip, Daranak makes a perfect spot to enjoy a quick dip, and marvel at Mother Nature’s fine creations.

And, by the way, there are a few other falls that are worth dropping by in Rizal, including Palo Alto Falls and Batlag Falls. That’s why Rizal is becoming a popular weekend getaway for nature lovers and adventure junkies.

8. Kaparkan Falls – Abra

OMG! That’s likely the first thing that comes out your mouth, the moment you lay eyes on Kaparkan Falls. With its awe-inspiring formations and endless flowing waters, you’ll have the urge to snap hundreds of photographs of Abra’s mesmerizing gem. While getting there is no walk in the park (tons of buwis-buhay moves), you definitely won’t regret visiting these terraced waterfalls. Just visit it during the rainy season, though, as there’s not much to see during the dry season.

9. Tangadan Falls – San Gabriel, La Union

Impressive scenery? Check! Refreshing waters? Check! Thrilling dives? Absolutely, yes! Well, you’ll certainly have a blast on our visit to Tangadan Falls. From daredevil cliff jumps to wooden car cable car rides, there’s no shortage of exciting activities at these waterfalls. For the less adventurous, you can also swim, chill and bask in the beauty of Tangadan Falls.

10. Can-Umantad Falls – Bohol

There’s more to Bohol than its picture-perfect Chocolate Hills. Try to dig deeper in Bohol, and head to Candijay, to see the tallest and most scenic waterfalls in Bohol. As an added bonus, the waterfall is surrounded perfectly by a bunch of Instagram-worthy rice terraces, meaning it’s one of the best waterfalls to visit in the Philippines for Instagram junkies.

Ready to explore these waterfalls to visit in the Philippines? Start planning your trip now, to score amazingly cheap flights and accommodations to any of these destinations!