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Tuvalu, formerly the Ellice Islands, is a Polynesian island situated midway between Hawaii and Australia in the Pacific Ocean, comprising of five atolls and four reef islands. It is the fourth smallest country in the world with a physical land size at just 26km2, only a little larger than Nauru at 21km2, Monaco at 1.98km2, and the Vatican City at 0.44km2. Additionally, it is also the world's second least populated sovereign state. Only on September 17, 2000 did Tuvalu officially become the 189th member of the United Nations. There isn't much to do in the country, but that only makes it easier to sit back and relax.

Funafuti - An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef that surrounds a lagoon, whether partially or completely. It is possible for there to be coral islands on the rim. Funafuti is the atoll on which Tuvalu's capital is situated. The largest lagoon in the country has the length of 18km and width of 14km, and is surrounded by Funafuti. The lagoon is a wonderful place for guests who wish to go swimming and snorkeling. Equipment for diving and game fishing can be rented in Funafuti, but those who plan on engaging in other water sports should bring their own equipment as there aren't many available for rent. Please note that the use of sand shoes is greatly encouraged to avoid accidentally stepping on and getting stung by the occasional stonefish.

Funafuti Marine Conservation Area - The conservation comprises of five uninhabited islets that are protected, which means no gathering, no hunting, and no fishing is allowed in the area. There were originally six islets, but a particularly powerful storm and surge destroyed the tiny islet Tepuka Savilivili, which unfortunately might be the fate of the rest of Tuvalu due to the alarming rate of progression of global warming. While no hunting of any kind is allowed, visitors are allowed recreational activities such as bird-watching, snorkeling, and having a picnic.

Nanumea Atoll - One of the most beautiful atolls in Tuvalu is Nanumea, the most northern island of the country. It consists of five small islands and even features a fresh-water pond, which is not exactly the norm for atolls. Nanumea also has historical significance, as it suffered attacks from the Japanese during the World War II, as evidenced by the spoils of a cargo ship and plain wrecks near the main settlement.

How to get around within Tuvalu

The best way to explore the island is by renting and riding a motorbike or a moped. Transferring from one island to another will require a boat. For information on schedule and bookings, contact the Marine Services Office in Funafuti.

How to get there

Funafuti International Airport was once only one of the three aviation facilities in Tuvalu, along with Nanumea airfield in the Nanumea atoll and Nukufetau airfield on Motulalo island. Both were built in 1943 for the World War II and were abandoned after. Nowadays, the only way to get to Tuvalu now via air passenger flights is through Funafuti International Airport. The sole airline serving the airport is Fiji Airways, operated by Fiji Link, which offers flights to Nausori International Airport in Fiji.  

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