Cheap Flights to Guadeloupe

When one needs a vacation, a trip to the Caribbean Sea is a must. One of the places to visit here is Guadeloupe, an island nation in the Lesser Antilles. It was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, who named it after an image of the Virgin Mary. Spanish colonization was unsuccessful in the island due to the Caribs who defended their territory fiercely. Many of them, however, were killed off by the French in 1653, who then occupied the islands. The French was unable to hold their territory in peace, as the British challenged their authority over Guadeloupe for over a century. These forays to seize the territory only stopped after the 1814 Treaty of Paris. 

Travelers visiting Guadaloupe today will find a Franco-Caribbean culture due to the pervading influence of the French who retained the islands as a colony. Those going to see the surroundings will also find a restful stay due to the beautiful beaches, historical sites, and other fascinating destinations. All these make a trip to Guadeloupe a potentially enjoyable interlude for those looking for a Caribbean getaway.

What to see & do

Tourists going to Guadeloupe will find a multitude of natural sights to appreciate. One is La Soufrière, the highest peak in the region. This active volcano, despite its present and clear threat, is still a marvel due to the fine vistas one can enjoy when reaching near the top. The three waterfalls of Chutes du Carbet can also be found on the eastern side of the mountain. Those following the trail to Etang As de Pique will also see in the area where a large lake formed in one of the craters. 

Upon appreciating the view, hikers can then go down the mountain to enjoy other sights such as the Deshaies Botanical Garden. Bougainvillea and other beautiful flowers abound here, as well as ferns, palms, and cacti. Interspersed between the rivers and other bodies of water are water lilies with carps swimming underneath. Parakeets and other colorful birds are also housed here, which can make one think of a garden paradise. 

Those who love the water can visit Les Saintes where splendid beaches await. There are two islands here, where one can choose to spend a relaxing stay. The busier Terre-de-Haut is where Breton fishermen originally settled and built houses in the European styles. Located along this island is also the Fort Napoleon, which once housed political prisoners, but has now become a museum. The quieter option is Terre-de-Bas Island, where one will find fewer tourists in the pretty bay and beach. Swimming can be enjoyed here, as well as a hike up the Grand Montagne. Boating can also be enjoyed here, where one can be at peace in the middle of the clear waters.

Basse-Terre also makes a pleasant destination where one can trace the French heritage of the island country. One will find here one of the oldest French communities in the Caribbean, as well as fascinating examples of French colonial architecture. The Fort St-Charles can also be found here, with the cathedrals of Sts. Peter and Paul, as well as other imposing landmarks. 

How to get around

Travelers in Guadeloupe will find an extensive network of ferries ready to take passengers to various sights in the islands. This can be enjoyable due to the natural marine beauty of this Caribbean country. Those staying within the major city limits, on the other hand, can go to various spots using buses and trams. One can ride the taxi, but they can be costly so it is better to choose other modes of public transport. Car rental is also an option for travelers who would like to drive themselves around. 

How to get there

Those going to Guadeloupe will probably land on Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport. Airlines serving here are Air Antilles Express, Air Canada, Air Caraïbes, Air France, Air Transat, American Airlines, Condor, Corsair International, LIAT, Seaborne Airlines, Winair, and XL Airways France.

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