Cheap Flights to Gambia

The smallest country in the African continent, Gambia is surrounded by the Republic of Senegal, which results to the country almost being an enclave. It also has a short North Atlantic Ocean coastline in the west, and occupies a portion of the Gambia River Valley and surrounding hills. Despite this feature, Gambia is a beauty of its own. Its beaches are superb, which seemingly invites you to just laze around and do practically nothing. You can also visit the small fishing villages in the country, as well as nature reserves, which are a shy walking distance from the resorts surrounding the beaches. You can also opt on a leisurely river cruise through its wetlands, and be amazed with the numerous birds you’ll find in paradise. Becoming a popular destination especially among Northern Europeans, you should get into Gambia and see for yourself how this small country can have so much wonders.

You will find yourself in Banjul, the capital of Gambia upon setting foot in the Arch 22, a 35-meter tall gate which gives a good view of the Banjul City. It was built to celebrate the military coup on July 22, 1994. To understand more about the coup, you can explore the museum which aims to enlighten visitors with the historical information. You can also help yourself to coffee afterwards in the cafe.

You should also visit the African Living Art Center, which is the top destination spot in the capital. It is the hub of the Gambia’s arts scene, which holds a large collection of African art and statues. Here, you can arrange to meet with local artists and converse with them about their work. If you are too shy to rub elbows with them, you can just simply enjoy a cocktail in the loungy cafe, and just imbibe the artistic aura of the place.

If you are up for some nature and wildlife experience, then you will find the Bijilo Forest Park a lovely escape into the wild. A 4.5km walk will make you see its lush vegetation, low bush and grass, alongside with monkeys which might sneak into some of your things if you’re not careful or watchful of them. You will also encounter monitor lizards, birds, and more than 100 species you would ever see such as the bee-eater, grey hornbill, and osprey, among others. Another popular tourist attraction that belongs to this category includes the Kachikally Crocodile Pool. For the locals, the Kachikally Crocodile Pool is a sacred site, since crocodiles represent fertility. Women who find it hard to conceive just go to this site to pray and wash. The Kachikally Crocodile Pool and its adjacent nature trail is also home to less than a hundred fully grown and several smaller Nile crocodiles. Touch them if you dare; don’t worry, most of them are tame enough.

To simply imbibe the local way of living, getting into the Albert Market is also a good choice. Here, you can take a piece of Gambia with you upon your exit to the country. You can shop and haggle at bargain prices with the numerous stalls that offers both wet and dry goods.

How to get around within Gambia

From the airport to the hotels in the city, you can get around the destination through a wide selection of green taxis, which offers fixed prices to most popular destinations. You can also opt to rent bicycles or cars if you want to get around the city in style at a price.

How to get there

To get into Gambia, you have to land in the Banjul International Airport, later on renamed as International Airport Banjul Yundum, named after Yundum, the place where the airport was established. In stark contrast to the small size of the country, International Airport Banjul Yundum boasts of a 3600 meters runway, which allows the landing of long-haul flights from around the world. Mainly, the airport is being served with airlines such as Arik Air, Brussels Airlines, Gambia Bird, Lufthansa, and United Airlines. It flies from destinations such as Lagos, Accra, Freetown, and Dakar. It also has direct flights to Conakry, Amsterdam, Bissau, London, Abidjan, Madrid, and Barcelona.  

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