Flights to Grand Canyon

To call this huge and magnificent creation of nature a 'city' gives it injustice as it can never be classified as such; its beauty incomparable, its grandeur understated. The Grand Canyon National Park, otherwise known as the Grand Canyon, is one of the major tourism destinations in Arizona, in North and Central America, and in the whole world. This steep-sided canyon was carved by the Colorado River for many years, something that humans can never achieve up until today. It makes up a length of 277 miles and a width of 18 miles, with a depth of at least 6,000 feet or 1,800 meters. Travelers who come to visit the place and the surrounding communities and establishments will be treated with good – if not the best – country hospitality: simple, cozy, and elegant beyond compare.

As said, the Grand Canyon is a protected area of the National Parks Service of the United States on America, situated at the heart of Colorado in Arizona. The area is home to the both North and South Rims which are the entryways of visitors to the park. It is also the sacred land of the Native Americans, a complete ecosystem of flora and fauna, and a sight to the limited human mind. Having said this, establishments in the area are humble yet functional: the business center found in the Grand Canyon Village is the Market Plaza, where visitors can find a general store, a delicatessen, a bank, the post office, a small cafeteria, and a gift shop. Hotels are comfortable and lovely, never overboard and never lacking, while trails like the Greenway Trail can be walked or pedaled through to get to the village proper.

Stripping all of these human conveniences down and aside, the main attraction still is the Canyon itself. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the 7 Wonders of Nature, the Canyon is a weaving drop of land and rock formations planking the Colorado River and extending forth like a strong fortress. Although not all visitors are allowed down the Canyon and those who are lucky enough to secure a trip should come in with guides, stewards, and rangers to usher them in the National Park and to brief them regarding safety and precautionary measures, to enjoy the tour well. Some tour the area through the waterways, while others trek in the allowable areas down through the mouth of the Canyon. Others simply enjoy the view from the deck in the North and South Rim. Ultimately, a traveler's experience in the Canyon will make a timeless if not memorable experience for all their lives.

How to get around within Grand Canyon

Going around the area of the Grand Canyon is limited to transferring from the North and South Rims. Both have shuttle and bus services, although that of the North Rim is only available from May 15 to October 15 every year. Hotels and lodges offer their customers shuttle services, while going to the Market Plaza and other places of interest will require walking from hotels or lodges to the said establishments. Bikes are also available, as well as private vehicles, although limited.

How to get there

To get to the magnificent Grand Canyon, fly down either to the points in Boulder City or North Las Vegas, then take the connecting flights offered by Grand Canyon Airlines, Las Vegas Helicopters, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, Scenic Airlines, and Vision Airlines, down to the two airports servicing the place which are the Grand Canyon National Park Airport and the Grand Canyon West Airport. Tickets can be booked using Skyscanner, the online resource of the cheapest flights from 600 airlines nationwide and worldwide.  

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