Cheap Flights to Eritrea

Known as the State of Eritrea, the country of Eritrea is the Horn of Africa. The country is bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti by the west, south, and southeast, respectively. This multi-ethnic country Eritrea has nine recognized ethnic groups such as the Tigrinya, Tigre, Saho, Kunama, Bilen, and Rashaida, among others. When in Eritrea, the official languages include Tigrinya, English, and Arabic; with Tigrinya being the most commonly used for official purposes. Due to being an Italian colony, Italian can be used to communicate since it is still widely used and understood. Some people also speak Amharic or Amarinya, the official language of Ethiopia.

What to see & do

Eritrea is known for Asmara, Massawa, Dahlak Marine National Park, Senafe, Keren, and Nefasit. Asmara, or Asmera, is the capital city and the largest settlement in all of Eritrea. It is home to well-preserved colonial Italian modernist architecture, and is divided into 13 administrative areas or districts, which include Acria, Sembel, Mai Temenai, Maekel Ketema or Downtown, Tiravolo, Gejeret, and Tsetserat, to name a few.  Massawa can be found on the Red Sea coast of the country, the area also going by names such as Mitsiwa, Batsi, and Badi. Dahlak or Dahlac Marine National Park is a national park that is well protected, with its 350 types of fish, and shipwreck remains. Scuba diving is allowed within the park, with the dive led by a group of trained scuba divers.

How to get around

When getting around Eritrea, keep in mind that the country’s capital Asmara has around 10 downtown bus lines on distinctive Red Mercedes Benz buses. The buses have signs in the front that say where they are headed, most of the time in Latin script. Looking for bus stops are easy since most, if not all, of the stops have signs, and have a shelter and bench. The Red Mercedes Benz buses run on 15- to 30-minute intervals and stop running at around 7:00 p.m. Also to be found are the white minibuses with lines that run on the main streets of Asmara. It is best to ask where the minibuses are going before getting on. There are also yellow taxis all throughout the area. The yellow taxis also run on fixed routes, just like the white minivans; some of the yellow taxis do not use a fixed route and can be hired to personally take you where you want to go. Trains can be taken from Teseney, to Agordat, to Keren, then Asmara. The ride takes a day to complete the cycle to and from its destinations.

How to get there

The airport that serves Eritrea is Asmara International Airport, located in Asmara, the country’s capital. Asmara International Airport has two asphalt surfaced runways, one at around 1,800 meters or 5,900 feet, and another at 3,000 meters or around 9,800 feet. Among the airlines that operate flights include EgyptAir, Eritrean Airlines, Nova Airways, Qatar Airways, Sudan Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Yemenia, with its flights to and from destinations that include Cairo, Jeddah, Kassala, Khartoum, Doha, Port Sudan, Istanbul, and Sana’a.

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