Cheap Flights to Benin

The Republic of Benin, or simply Benin, is a country in West Africa bordered to the west by Togo, to the east by Nigeria, and to the north by Burkina Faso and Niger. Despite the seat of the government being in Cotonou, Benin's designated capital is Porto-Novo. Visitors will be delighted to find good food establishments, shopping, and a fun nightlife in Cotonou.

Pendjari National Park - The park is an area of 2755 square kilometers situated in north western Benin, named after the Pendjari River. It is known for its abundance in birds, as well as some of the last populations of hippopotamuses, West African lions, buffalo, and other big game in West Africa. The backdrop of Atakora range's hills and cliffs also add to the scenery of the park.

W National Park - Adjacent to Pendjari National Park is W National Park, named due to its location around a meander in the River Niger shaped like a 'W'. The park is home to large mammals, such as buffalo, elephants, lions, hippopotamuses, cheetahs, and even some of West Africa's last African Elephants in the wild.

Notre Dame de Miséricorde - The Roman Catholic cathedral situated near the Ancien Pont Bridge in Cotonou is more commonly known as Cotonou Cathedral. The architecture is very distinct due to the white and burgundy striped tiled exterior.

Royal Palaces of Abomey - Located in the heart of Abomey city in the Zou Department of Benin lies a 40-hectare area with 12 palaces referred to as the Royal Palaces of Abomey. The palaces are no longer inhibited; rather, they were restored and renovated to serve as a reminder of the vanished Kingdom of Abomey.

How to get around within Benin

Getting around Benin even without a private vehicle is easy thanks to its reliable and timely bus system. The bus services run tour-style buses through the major cities of Benin each day, as well routes that take passengers in and out of the country. The two main bus providers are Confront Lines and Benin-Routes. It is advisable to make reservations for long-distance trips in advance by calling or visiting any of its regional offices.

Another popular means of transportation is the bush taxi, which, as opposed to regular taxis that take one passenger or one group of passengers at a time, will wait until the number of passengers can fit in a vehicle is maximized before making the trip. The advantage of taking a bush taxi is that it offers more flexibility in terms of drop-offs than the bus.

The cheapest alternative is by motorcycle taxi or simply 'moto'. Moto drivers can easily be distinguishable due to their matching colored shirts with ID numbers. Settle on a price with the driver before making the trip.

How to get there

Benin's main international passenger gateway is the Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport, located in the country's largest city Cotonou. It operates international flights to France, Belgium, Kenya, Turkey, Togo, and several others. To do this, the airport works with numerous airlines, including Air Burkina, Air France, Brussels Airlines, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Westair Benin.   

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