Cheap Flights to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travelers would expect less from a small country such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, but this should not be the case because it has established itself as a contemporary tourist destination in the southeast region of Europe.

There are so many attractions in this country and they are defined by their perfect combination of natural and cultural heritage attractions. Many of its charming towns are surrounded by mountain ridges, overflowing river canyons, pristine beaches, ancient castles, and historical monuments, among others.

Tourists who’ll be coming from the Philippines who yearn for a fulfilling vacation should not lose hope because having one is easy, but they need to do their homework, which means that they need to research and perform some serious planning afterwards. Some of the most important things that should not be neglected are explained in the succeeding paragraphs.

Best time to flyover

·         For beach lovers who want a little fun time under the sun, the best months to pay a visit are from May to August. These are the spring and summer months and most parts of the country (beaches included) are hot and dry.

·         For outgoing individuals who want to experience Bosnia and Herzegovina’s natural treasures, the best months to visit are during the months of May to September. During these months, the countrysides are filled with wild flowers and native plants.

·         For skiers, the best time to visit is during the months of December to February since the country experiences little snow during these months, making it a perfect destination for skiing and other similar activities.

Attractions to visit

·         Baščaršija

Baščaršija is an old town in Sarajevo it should be included in one’s itinerary because of its rich historical, religious, and cultural ties. It has a special Ottoman Turkish look from its mosques, shops, and other establishments, the Ottoman contribution is just apparent.

·         Buna River

The Buna River is the biggest karst spring in all of Europe and has an average yearly flow rate of 43 m³ per second. It is a captivating sight, which can be found under a 200 meter high rock and near it stands the historical Dervish Tekija Monastery, which is surrounded by lush landscapes and exquisite scenery. The monastery’s superb architecture and the encompassing natural beauty create a spellbinding view that is unlike any other.

·         The Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge

Completed in 1577, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a historical structure that is built over the Drina River in Republika Srpska, an administrative entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This bridge has gained international recognition when it was included in Ivo Andrić’s (award-winning author) book “The Bridge on the Drina.”

Flights from the Philippines

Flights from the Philippines to Bosnia and Herzegovina are plenty and for this reason, going there will not be a problem. Passengers can choose from Philippine Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air Serbia, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Gulf Air, Qantas Airlines, and other reputable airline companies.


Filipino citizens who intend to travel to the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina for a vacation should first obtain tourist visas before flying over. They also need to present a passport (which is valid for 90 days), round trip tickets, and proof of sufficient funds. On the other hand, those who’ll be traveling to the country for education or business purposes should obtain the necessary visas and other paperwork for their trip.

For more information about traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Filipino passport holders are encouraged to contact the nearest embassy, which is in Beijing China. Its address and contact information can be found below.

1-5-1 Ta Yuan Diplomatic Office Building

100600 Beijing,

Beijing China

Telephone: (+86-10) 65326587

Fax: (+86-10) 6532 6418

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