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St. Helena is a tropical island found in the South Atlantic Ocean, and is a part of the British Overseas territory of St. Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha. Known as the death place of the great leader Napoleon Bonaparte, this island country has many natural wonders to offer its visitors, even if it is quite a difficult place to visit due to air, land, and water travel limitations.

Where to go

Since St. Helena is pretty much a small country to visit, tourists can travel through the destinations in the island in a number of days and get back to the city center of Jamestown after. No domestic flights are available, as there are no airports in the country. The Museum of St. Helena is the perfect place to start your trip, since it is the cornucopia of information about the country and is a newly established museum (born in 2002). From here, you could check out other iconic spots.

Heart-Shaped Waterfalls – The Heart-Shaped Waterfalls is a 90-meter drop with a heart-shaped rock where the water falls from. It is found in the valley up from Jamestown, and can be seen from the North Road out of the city.

Longwood House – The Longwood House is found in the town of the same name, and is known as the abode of the great leader, Napoleon Bonaparte. This is where he spent the great majority of his time in St. Helena, and is the place where he died. The house is now transformed into a museum and is maintained by the French government. It is set in the grounds filled with flowers.

Central Island – The Central Island of St. Helena is the known as the government center of the country, as this is where the Plantation House (home of the island's governor) can be found. Other sites in the island include the Central Peaks and the Clifford Arboretum. The former is home to various endemic species, while the latter is a must-see for those interested in the country's native flora and fauna.

St. Paul's Cathedral – The St. Paul's Cathedral is a small establishment at the heart of Central Island in St. Helena. It is the seat of the Anglican bishop in the area, and was built in 1856.

Short Haul

Before leaving the country on short haul trips, it is essential to plan ahead as there are no airports in the country. The best way to get out is to schedule a flight with the nearest commercial airport in Cape Town in South Africa, a few days after a traveler's arrival in the city from St. Helena. From the country, travelers should board a ship (RMS Saint Helena with 30 trips per year) to Cape Town, and from there choose a short haul destination. Popular places of visit include the countries in Europe, like Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and many others.

Long Haul 

Long haul trips to other areas will require sufficient planning as there are no airports in the country. Furthermore, long haul destinations can be reached through traveling from St. Helena via the RMS Saint Helena to connections such as Ascension Island, and Walvis Bay, and occasionally, through Tenerife, and Portland in the UK. From these places, there are limited but available flights through the Royal Air Force or the RAF to mainland United Kingdom. Another option is to ride again the RMS Saint Helena from the port in the country to Cape Town in South Africa, and from there, discover the beauty of other countries of the East, such as China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia, even going as far as Australia and New Zealand.

How to get out

Currently, there are no commercial airports in the country. Plans to construct an airport in St. Helena has been lobbied since 2005, with no strong backing and funding – thus limiting the feasibility of the project. Although in 2010, the British Government agreed to help pay for the new airstrip cum airport using taxpayer money and in November 2011, a deal was signed by the government and the airport is scheduled to open by February 2016, with initial flights going to the United Kingdom and South Africa, under one airline, Atlantic Star.

To get in and out of the country, Royal Air Force or RAF flights offer a limited number of seats to civilians, and the ship, RMS Saint Helena, runs between St. Helena and Cape Town. The ship berths in James Bay, and has approximately 30 trips per year. If visiting from another country, travelers are advised to take a flight down to Cape Town and further transfer to the RMS Saint Helena, although make sure to check on the ship's schedule first and book a seat earlier with them. To get to Cape Town then to the island of St. Helena, check out flights available using Skyscanner. Skyscanner is the best online source of cheap flights with over 600 airlines to choose from. 

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